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From Tokyo To Utsunomiya II : 4 Hotels in A Week

Another post about traveling because Oh God, I miss traveling so bad but can't flight thank to COVID-19 and still not get used to this New Normal~

Hi, all! So for those of you who have read my post about From Tokyo To Utsunomiya : Outfit Diary in A Week before or haven't, this time I am going to give you some hotel recommendations again because I changed the hotel 4 times during that period. Quite much I know but... we got to keep moving~

1st - Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, Tokyo

I used ANA to Japan and arrived at Haneda Airport. This hotel is in the Takanawa area, a quite calm place compare to Shinjuku or those other famous areas, and to go to this hotel, you have to take the train to Shinagawa Station using Keikyu Line. My mistake at that time is I didn't check if Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa has a shuttle bus from train station to the hotel or not. Which caused me have to walk with my suitcase and wedge heels through the uphill street lol. Actually, the distance is still walkable however don't ever wear heels lol. I didn't take the taxi at that time since it looks close at the map but the reality was funny.

The Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa has a cool design - Japanese classic, especially for the lobby, restaurant, and the garden. 

Their garden is so huge! Definitely my favorite spot during my time there. 

The room and bathroom are quite huge, the utilities are complete as well. 

Unfortunately, some of the furniture is not really trendy for my type, and the lamp is kind of yellow which is quite odd and reminds me of a horror story at night (at web the lamp looks white, not sure why mine was yellow). I got a deluxe twin beds room, so yeah.. thankfully it only for a night lol. Overall, it was very comfortable and good for the price, just not a fan of the yellow lamp. 

2nd - Hotel Sunshine, Utsunomiya

Hotel Sunshine, Utsunomiya is quite small but very cute! The hotel is only around 3 - 5 minutes away from JR Utsunomiya Station. 

The room is nice, nothing extravagant but neat. The color combination is good too, makes me feel safer. 

The bathroom is sweet in white color, quite comfortable. They provide bubble bath soap for bathub in sachet near the lobby, with various fragrant from vanilla, apple, green tea to strawberry and we could take it as much as we want, this made me so happy lol (still took it in a responsible amount, I'm not taking advantage, don't worry).

They also provide MiFi and their TV Channel probably best, they have all of the old legend black and white movie collection! They have a small bar-restaurant below, and it often plays jazz music which I thought it is nice. 

3rd - Chisun Inn Sano Fujioka Ic Hotel, Sano

Chisun Inn Sano Fujioka Ic Hotel is probably the best from all of the 4 Hotels that I've stayed. By best means consideration from the efficiency, quality, price, and design. 

The hotel design type is a kind of dorm which is quite nice for family. In my room, I think it could fit 3 people. They also provide some cool complimentary and you could refill the towel, bedroom sandals, soap, etc by your ownself, the place is near the lobby.

I like the fact they use bright color for the interior, make the ambiance feels alive. Plus the bathroom is definitely my favorite! I spent so long time there relaxing.

This might be a 2 stars hotel, but it is really efficient. Oh and Sano, Tochigi is so beautiful in nature!

4th - Keikyu Ex Hotel Shinagawa, Tokyo

Keikyu Ex Hotel Shinagawa, cool but I think this is my least favorite from all. The location is perfect, so close to Shinagawa Station but it doesn't feel so much like a hotel to me. It is kind of remind me of a mall, however, it is good still for a one night stay.

My favorite probably the bed, windows, and their restaurant. The bed is clean and comfortable, huge clear windows you could sit at, and a good menu for foods at the restaurant.

The biggest minus for me was the bathroom. At that time, the water for the bathtub didn't work properly, and it kind of smells like cigarettes. I think my manager accidentally booked me the smoking room... not the non-smoking one. Perhaps if it was a non-smoking room it would be perfect. So overall is ok, just don't book a smoking room if you don't smoke. 

Notes to keep in mind!
  • At Utsunomiya and Sano, the people mostly can't speak English, even the hotel staff. So it is better to use your dictionary or at least just go there when you have a friend who could speak Japanese. Have a Japanese friend would be better because the accent is quite different sometimes the dictionary can't understand. 
  • It would be better if you rent a car for Utsunomiya and Sano because it would be difficult if you are using public transportation, especially at Sano.
  • Use comfortable shoes to walk around!
  • Be nice and read the map!

That is all from now, hope it could help and stay safe!


All photos are taken by me
Please let me know and give credit if you wish to use them.


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