Friday, August 7, 2020

3 Days in Malaysia : Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel

Visiting neighborhood, this time I got a chance to come to Malaysia for about 3 days and stayed at Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel.


First of all, I still have no idea why my manager keeps booking the twin bedroom for me even though I sleep alone but let it still be a mystery...

Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel is one of 5 stars hotels in Malaysia located in Petaling Jaya area. The room is pretty large and neat. Use warm color tones, it was comfortable sleeping there.

The bathroom is great too. The furniture and interior choices are good. It is not overpowering but still, have a sense of luxury. 

For me personally, I do think the bathroom is very important to decide whether the hotel is recommended or not. Because of course, I love water and I would love to relax washes my tiredness away after work when I showering. So, not clean, not complete amenities, bad lightning in the bathroom, etc is a major turn off for me. Thankfully this hotel doesn't have any minus in their bathroom.

View from my room which not really clear because I took it at night but that is alright

My other favorite is their restaurant. Use buffet concept for breakfast, the menu is so variant from Malaysian Food, Indian Food to Chinese, Japanese and Western Food. However, you can't judge it from my plates because I ate so little.

The service was really good, at that time the head of the restaurant service was doing a survey for guests. He came to me politely, deliver the food that I would like to eat, and asked my opinion about their services so far. In the end, he took a Polaroid of me with some of the waitresses as documentation which I found is cute.

  • The Petaling Jaya area is quite far. You could use KLIA Express from the airport to KL Central, then use a taxi or GrabCar to Petaling Jaya.
  • There is a Padang restaurant in front of the hotel and such a MCD if you would like to save the budget!
  • If you rent a car and need to park it in the hotel, it will get an additional charge about 5 MYR per night.
Overall, pretty recommends the place if you have to visit the Petaling Jaya area. I saw many business trip guests too there. Hope it could help!


All photos and opinions are by me
Please let me know and give credit if you wish to use them.

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