Monday, July 27, 2020

De Tuileries Mode - Sustainable Fashion Project

Consume less, share better ~ Herve Kempf

Hi, hope you are all still safe and sound during this quarantine! So, this time I would like to introduce you to my long term project called De Tuileries Mode.

What is De Tuileries Mode? 

Well, De Tuileries Mode is a second-hand and vintage shop by me with a purpose to support sustainable fashion. The items are mostly clothes that I got from the endorsement, less than 5 times worn, and still in very good conditions.

Why create De Tuileries Mode?

I do have plenty of clothes from the partnership and I have started to pay attention to sustainable fashion since last year. I realize I have to stop following the fast fashion trend, that is why I think by selling the second-hand and vintage clothes that I have, it could prevent others from buying the new fast fashion items one. This project is pure to help the environment and others. So it will be in a very low price and a non-plastic package. The sales income also will be given to charity. 

How could I contribute to this project?

If you are keen to support this sustainable fashion movement, kindly check my Shopee shop - De Tuileries Mode. I am very open to any thoughts and advice so if you have any idea in mind to make this project better, please let me know! Thank you!


All photos are taken by me
Please let me know and give credit if you wish to use them.

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