Thursday, June 11, 2020

Outfit Lookbook with Femme Luxe

Nothing a bit of shopping can't fix~
Everything turns online nowadays from work until buy groceries. Not only because of the quarantine but honestly online shopping is so much easier and you could order the things you need from all over the world. Personally, most things that I often buy online are skincare products, clothes, art supplies, and recently my cat's food haha. Online shopping could be fun but also tricky at the same time. So, make sure you read the review about them first, especially if they are a new brand, before deciding to spend some money on it.

Speak about clothes, last week I got a lovely package from Femme Luxe. Femme Luxe is an online platform company, based in Manchester - UK, and focusing on retail. Their collections are so variant from loungewear sets until corset dress. They also have shoes and accessories options like bags, belts, and jewelry for your interest. You could click their Trend page as well, to get products that is match with the trend you like for easier searching. 

To give you a sense of how their products look like, here are some sweet outfits that I got from Femme Luxe for the outfit lookbook.

LOOK #1 - Black Iridescent Plunge Puff Sleeve Bodysuit Samia

Love love their bodysuit collection! This Black Iridescent Plunge Puff Sleeve Bodysuit Samia is a total eye-catcher. It gives me a modern 80's vibes and edgy feeling. The ruched plunged front is pretty unique, it is quite showing but not too much.

I mixed it with blue jeans to make it look more effortlessly chic. If you are into a more romantic and victorian style, their Black Lace Bodysuit could be the option.

LOOK #2 - Bronze Metalic Halterneck Bodycon Mini Dress Fraser

I must say this dress is my most favorite of all. Bronze Metallic Halterneck Bodycon Mini Dress Fraser is so beautiful and simple at the same time. I love a dress that could make me feel sexy but also still elegant and I think this dress is the answer. This look would be great for a romantic dinner, or even a cocktail party. 

The open cut on the back is so intriguing and the bronze metallic color reminds me of gold. You could check their Corset Dress collection if you like more daring looks.

LOOK #3 - Peach Metallic Front Twist Crop Top Leo

I just realized I chose most of the clothes that have metallic in their color haha well I love it to be shiny and glittery so yeah. Anyway, the Peach Metallic Front Twist Crop Top Leo is so cute and sweet! 

The front twist kind of gives flirty vibes but the overall design is quite young and innocent. It is really good to wear at day time in the summer, walking on the beach while eating ice cream. I combine this cute top with white trousers and it is so comfortable. 

LOOK #4 - Tan Ribbed Wrap Bat Wing Bodycon Mini Dress Bailey

Another versatile dress that could be used for the formal until the less formal event. The Tan Ribbed Wrap Bat Wing Bodycon Mini Dress Bailey portrait the body shape perfectly. The design is pretty loose on the arms part but quite tight on the hips, waist, and wrist which make it look alluring but still polite. 

The material is warm like a sweater and thick so I do not really recommend it to be wear for outdoor activities during the day in tropical countries. However, overall this one is really good for such brunch or evening tea. It could be used to go to the office too, to be honest.

If you order it before midnight, the package will be delivered directly on the next day. For Indonesia itself, it takes around 2 weeks to arrive, because there is custom clearance and such. You might get a FREE Next Day Delivery On All Orders Over £25 with an additional 10% Off with Code TKE10. You could use hashtag #Luxegal as well if you would like to be featured on their Instagram.

Keep online shopping and stay fab!

*Sponsored Content – But all opinions are my own.
All photos are taken by me
Please let me know and give credit if you wish to use them. 


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