Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Tokyo Montage - Female Solo Traveler, Where to Stay?

Nothing more fun than having an unplan solo trip after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. For those female solo travelers, this post might be for you. 

If you have a plan to go to Tokyo - Japan, searching for a safe and budget-friendly place to stay could be tricky. However, no need to worry because there is plenty of cute dormitory or capsule hostel available for the options. 

Frankly speaking, I used to avoid dormitory or capsule hotels. The idea of being trapped in a small space it just not my type. Sadly, if I choose to stay in a regular hotel it would be more costly. I prefer to have my budget well spent on the experiences rather than for sleep. So I come with these three steps before deciding where to stay.

Do Your Own Research

Even though the overall trip is unplanned, at least always do a bit of research about the accommodation. You could come with 5 options per category, let's say for regular hotel, Airbnb, dormitory, and capsule hostel. From there, you could narrow it down to 3 options and choose 1 or 2  categories only to know which perfectly fit with your budget and personality. Pay more attention to the distance of place with food store and train station to able to find "The One". YouTube channel that might be useful - Robbie Lounge .

Open for Any Recommendation

I used to work in a Japanese company before, so I do have several Japanese friends. In my case, I asked them for a recommendation or advice. If you have some Japanese friends, it would be a benefit for you because they mostly know about the area that is safe or not. If you don't have any Japanese friends, you could ask your friends who have visited Japan before or join an online forum such Tripadvisor as well to gather the information.

Compare The Platform

Compare the platform would be helpful if you would like to press the budget and get a better room. Sometime, we could get a lower price for a better room if we order it from another travel agency platform rather than the official platform of the hotel.  In my experience, I used Booking.com and get around USD 10 discount plus able to get the room in the female-only dormitory with the cost for the mixed dormitory. Everyone is happy!


After doing these 3 steps, I finally come to the decision to stay in UNPLAN Shinjuku

This dormitory provides mixed dormitory until private room. Located in the neighborhood area in front of the 711 store (which very important to press meal budget), overall it is quite strategic location. 
Fav Seafood Yakisoba from 711
Another reason I choose this dormitory hostel is that their room is pretty big and their facility is very complete. 

From MiFi provided until free umbrella rental when it is rain. This hostel also serves free breakfast and many events in their bar. 

You could cook your own meals too and they have a cozy lounge and rooftop if you would like to do your hobbies. 

The safety is good and the bathroom very clean. Adding the stylish interior design to the value, I have no complaint during my stay here.

If you would like to know more, you could check their official website too, here - UNPLAN Shinjuku . Please let me know your thoughts or if there is any other place recommendations fits for the female solo traveler, feel free to leave the comments below :) Happy traveling! 


 Photos by : Myself and UNPLAN Shinjuku Website
Please let me know and give credit if you wish to use them. 

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