Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Quarantine 911 - What To Do?

Quarantine got us feels some type of way~

As someone who can't stay still for such a long time and love outdoor activities, the quarantine must feel so depressing. Trying to find balance during this time, follows ideas worth to give a shot to keep you productive.

Burn-burn! Workout!

Lack of motivation, sometimes what we need is a little jog and that to clear our minds. Quarantine has a tendency to make us feel stuck and somehow lazy to do something. I was numb and staring at the ceiling for no reason questioning when all of this will be over. Unfortunately, three days doing that could end up drives you nuts so I do quite a regular workout to keep me sane. Only 15 - 30 minutes per day, works. 

You could do it by watch fitness videos on Youtube or fitness apps like this one - Workout for Women to track the progress and feel more alive. Don't let this time being wasted, keep that fit and healthy body in mind!

Painting Your Stress Out!

No matter whether you are good or not at drawing, painting, or doodling. You have the free ability to do whatever you want to express your feelings. There is no need to think a lot about what to project in the canvas, art is a very safe place where there is no concrete standard to determine which one is right and not. Play with colors and shapes, you will feel so much better after.

Room - House Decluttering // Modification

One of the benefits caused by quarantine is we become more aware of where we are, the place we are living in. We are being forced to look at what is in front of us, the things that probably we have been neglected or not well taken care of because we were busy outside. All of a sudden you realized many things should be fix or modified at home. From simple things like decluttering your old stuff, modified previous furniture to look like new, or re-design your living room template. So far, I have re-paint my Mom's house gate. It does add some fresh air. 

Learn To Cook or Bake

Stay at home makes me want to explore new things out of boredom and one of them is cooking and baking. It actually feels so good, I could make sure what I eat is clean and healthy. Even though most of the taste still needs to be improved. I believe I will be able to master it after this quarantine ends hoho. 

Grow Your Plants!

I do have a little garden in front of the house which full of flowers and medicinal plants. Previously, my Mom was the only one who takes care of it. Have gardening as one of my biggest desire, I help her to be the person in charge now. Good news, my God's Crown plants finally give birth to some babies! Think it would be nice to grow your own plants too!

New Skills, Hello!

There is no time limit to learn new skills, but this period is such prime time for it. Many people losing their jobs or being told to work from home. That situation requires us to search for new ideas about what is there you could do, learn, and utilize to get more knowledge or a new source of income. Our problem-solving skill is being tested. Personally, I do learn new skills to give more values that could help my professional world later on. Try to balance it by learning something that relates to my interest as well so I don't feel so much pressure. You could learn from anywhere. This FutureLearn web is one of the examples.

A Bit of Survey Won't Hurt!

Fill online surveys must be the most random thing I do because of this quarantine. Never find it fascinating before I try it out of nowhere. My mind was like, I have to do something or earn something online, and this survey thing is pretty good so far. It could take around 10 - 30 minutes mostly to fill one online survey. You just earn so little by doing that, but what attractive are the questions of the surveys itself. Kind of brings a new perspective to see the brands or products. Once in a lifetime, why not?! One of trustworthy and legitimate survey platform you could try - Univox

Those are some general activities ideas you could do to stay productive during this quarantine. I will make a specific post about creative or artsy ideas you could do later in my next post, so make sure to check it out!

I hope you all stay sane during this uncertain situation! Xx


All photos are taken by me and FutureLearn + Workout for Women Platform
Please let me know and give credit if you wish to use them. 


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