Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Week in Pictures #5

Literally spent around 30 minutes in front of the laptop now because I don't know where to start to share about A Week in Pictures #5 but well, here we go~

Moment - Day 1

Last November to January, I met a lot of new people from different countries and backgrounds. We shared stories, knowledge, and all the fun things you could imagine. But then, one of them passed away while trying to pursue his dream. He was one of my mentees and I was at the location. Then you wish you could pay more attention and share more time with that person if you know what will happen in the next 5 minutes. It was so quick, and I just would like to keep appreciate the moment when all are still together.

The Go-Getter - Day 2

Still related to Day 1, that experience gives me a realization about you have to be your best or at least giving your all every time. Especially when you follow your passions or dreams. You have to be able to enjoy the process. We don't know the future but at least we don't feel regret in the end. 

Opportunity - Day 3

I was like, "Oh, so many things to do in such little time. I need space!". A day after you noticed that not many people actually have such opportunities to help them grow quicker to be a better individual.  Perhaps because of the economy or education blockage, etc. So I'm so thankful right now and each day for every opportunity that comes to life.

The Understanding - Day 4

It is so beautiful to have those who understand you. Even though you are from different cultures, religions, and personalities. All of them being so supportive along the way. Be there when you need them. Simply gesture such as when I couldn't eat pork because of my belief, but unfortunately stuck in the area when most of the food contains pork. The Managing Director talks to the head chef in the restaurant to cook a special dish for me that is not on the menu. It just, I really appreciate all of those good people.

Being Discipline - Day 5

I am quite an individualist person. I prefer to work alone rather than working in teams. It is not that I don't like people. The fact there will be some compromise and certain rules that need to be followed if working together, it just not my strong point. However, working with others actually teach me a lot of things, and one of them is being disciplined. By being discipline means you appreciate each other time, roles, responsibility, and existence. It is amazing when you finally see how far you could achieve by being discipline together.

The Airplane - Day 6

Is it weird if I put the airplane on my thankful list? I guess not. Often travel, sometimes make you a bit forget about the actual distance from one place to another. Because everything is kind of easy now, you have the money then you could do anything or go anywhere you want. While airplane play a very big role in it, it just so cool that they even exist. If the pollution from the airplane is not that bad, I wouldn't mind having it as my main transportation if possible. What do you think?

Internet World - Day 7

My life will not be this far if there is no internet. The Internet does help so much to find information, study new skills, and anything. If you get lost, you could ask the internet. If you don't know what building it is, you also could ask the internet. Even though there are some bad things too you could find on the internet or happen because of it, all should be fine if you choose to utilize it wisely.


All photos are taken by me and friends. 
Please let me know and give credit if you wish to use them. 


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