Wednesday, February 5, 2020


The business trip brought me far to Japan this time and made me have to move around from Tokyo to Honshu Island, Utsunomiya back to back in a week. Since it was the beginning of autumn and I went there a couple days right after the typhoon attack, I tried my best to fly with not so much of outer that I have, to keep me warm.

Wearing this comfy blue striped oversized jacket, I paired it with women denim pant and heels at the day. Unfortunately, it is tiring me off so I changed it with my black fur slippers at night. Best decision I've made.

I love patterns, and I play with stripes this time from horizontal and vertical to the other way around. Mixing patterns could be a bit tricky but I think as long as you give a touch of dark hues, it will not be too much. Also not to forget the belt, since I like oversized clothes but still want to keep my shape.

When I opened my suitcase, I realized that I've been choosing kind of colorful outfits. Compare to the people that I met during my stay there, it might be a bit too bright. Most people there chose pastel hues and dark tones. Well, but it is better to dress light up after the gloomy days.

Usually, I bring 3 shoes for the trip that is more than 3 days, which consists of sneakers aka my fav Vans, then sandal plus the heels.

Into ruffles and weird cutting, this coat and pants brings the romantic edgy feeling.

The dress is the most simple outfit you could grab, so I always make sure I bring it at least one.

Back to Tokyo at the last day, the weather started to get sunny. So here I am wearing a short skirt and a red t-shirt laying on the grasses.


Photographed by : Myself, Yuan Ting Ong and Koji Arai
Please let me know and give credit if you wish to use them. 


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