Monday, February 17, 2020

A Week in Pictures #4

Where you are right now, is where you are - Zen Proverb
Thought life couldn't be so dramatic but here we are

#4 edition, where everything goes up and down in a second. Taught me a lot but these are some that keep me feel so grateful during the journey of August to October 2019.

Print Making Lesson - Day 1

Find myself lost in the arts. I got a chance to learn how to do print-making. Since I like to make things abstract infused with contemporary, I used various plants, my own fingers until a different kind of ruler shape to make it. Think I should name it soon and publish my own creation serries.

Seven Years from Now - Day 2
Who knows what you are looking for - it is always there, close to you since 2013. Know all of the shitty stories that happened to you and still admiring you. Be in a deep relationship with someone that is also could be your best friend, nothing else you could ask for.

Same City in a Month - Day 3
The business trip has a plus and minus. However still, I wouldn't mind doing it often even have to visit the same city in a tight time frame. Taught me how to have good time management and introduce me to a beautiful pool.

Bedroom Make Over Obsession - Day 4
So I've been scratching all of the old wall painting and replace it with the new one. Then total change the room plan design, put some brick wallpapers on, throw away the old wardrobe and replace it with a simple rack and many things, many things. The greatest obsession and most tiring since I only have not more than a week for that, and just do it by myself. Definitely worth it though. Being an interior design freelancer might be promising.

Living Modest Somewhere - Day 5

I don't want to travel just for fun or luxuries. I looking for the meaning behind it. Then here I am, staying at a cool hostel alone at the red district area of a far - far away place. Getting to know the local people, talk to strangers, accidentally cut my finger, walk for hours, sudden Joker movie at random cinema and eat yakisoba for dinner from 7-Eleven Store nearby. Try to live modestly and fill myself. Perhaps next time we should do Van-Life?

Be A Part of The Change - Day 6

It is easy for me to look forward, don't mean to be blind-optimism. The ideas of new things, growing, gives me excitement. For now, help some junior riders to improve their communication skill so they could understand and compete during their Road to MotoGP program. Interesting, so lovely seeing their enthusiast. Wish the best of luck for them all.

Autumn and Siberian Husky - Day 7

Autumn, another favorite season of mine with the existence of Siberian Husky. Two of my favorite things! Could we just lay down and appreciate the time, please?


All photos are taken by me and Yuan Ting Ong
Please let me know and give credit if you wish to use them.

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  1. van-life, yes! that's a great thing.. for sure one of my biggest dreams for the next couple years..

    -Traveler Pruh Waktu


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