Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A Week In Pictures #3

Back to A Week in Pictures where I promised you it will be update once per 3 months but oh now it is already delayed for about 2 months.. Will skip some poetic intro since it is late, however still so excited to let you know what is going on from May - July.

The Birthday Visit - Day 1

Got a short visit from someone. He said it was for my late birthday gift. Jakarta parks hop on, Sabang road walks. Not to forget the famous street food, Ayam Goreng Suharti. Truly smooth moment, 
it was.

The Pubs - Day 2

A wise fun coworker from Malaysia come to town. She would like to explore all the night pubs in the city. So here we are from pub to pub, cover in smoke - drink and laugh while sing mixed with dance in between.

The Afternoon Tea - Day 3

Always grateful could be able to have a calm afternoon tea time despite of the craziness. Chamomile or earl grey tea, no sugar please. Add a slice of fluffy sweet cake to accompanied.

Good Friend Visit - Day 4

Not all of coworkers could be your good friend. The career level gap and all of that. But once they do, feels like no ending in conversation. Second visit, really appreciate the good talk and insight. Happy to see you grow.

101 Outcome - Day 5

Another cut and realization. Capable to turn every situations to new draft poems. Not even take 5 minutes, the script should be done before end of this year.

Ain't Russian Roulette - Day 6

New friends come and go, but keep the creative ones around. One is a traveler, so brave with no much money left. Some articles have been published, his dream is to be an English teacher and a storyteller. One is a music maker, took English literature. A bit folk, her lyrics are deep. 

Basic Night Runner - Day 7
The weekend is family time for me, so I only have weekdays after working hours to socialize or do other things I desire to. The most efficient workout must be running after work. Strengthens your lungs, get you happier. Oh, night time might be not really healthy, but so far it is good.


All photos are taken by me and friends
Please let me know and give credit if you wish to use them.


  1. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post! I also love to be healthy and jog whilst watching Netflix! So much fun.
    Laura xo

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