Friday, August 16, 2019


"Inclusions starts with I", one of tagline that being used by the company I work at. Simply meaning if you find things around you are unpleasant and want it to change, then you should be the one who starts the change. 

Since my 25th birthday last April, I made a commitment with myself to stop buying any fast fashion products. Not because I don't like the items, it just I started thinking what is the point of it. What is the point of always following the newest collections every seasons? Because if you pay attention, actually it just the same - the cycle will always be like that, the upcoming trend will always be similar. Just a tiny differences, let say the cutting or the materials. However the color hues, or the patterns, there is no significant change. Sorry if it sounds too harsh, I know fashion enthusiasts will be hating me for this.

I used to dream - working in a fashion industry before, and I was there too. I really notice even the little innovations they tries to add to their gorgeous new collections. Also I really appreciate, how beautiful it is, how a tiny difference could make a big impact in total look. It is just, I don't think the effect from production process is good for all of us.

Not trying to be a preacher, however - how about we become more wise by investing in versatile items, less consume and be creative with what we already have? Nowadays we even have an application to rent clothes, not to forget some thrift shops and local designers who only produce one or two items. Pay attention to them rather than keep buying a new item, shall we?


Photographed by : Evania Novita S 
Please let me know and give credit if you wish to use them.



  1. Love this post Arinda! I agree with you, I think the best trends are always timeless in style so it's good to invest in good quality! xx

    1. Hi Lexie, yes glad someone think that way too! Yup always have to invest in good quality so it could be timeless xx


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