Friday, April 12, 2019

A Week in Pictures #2

Every single second matters. Never thought many changes could be happened in my 3 months after A Week in Pictures #1 , but well it does. Thrilling and literally introduced me to a new point of view. A Week in Pictures #2, you're surely a bliss.

The Fine Dining - Day 1

Fine dining is an ordinary thing. But I can't help myself to fall for it. Wonderful taste, stunning view, awesome treatment with the unknown. The mouth orgasm and sparks. I'm craving you everyday.

The Farm - Day 2


Early morning farm tour, on Saturday. I always interest with farm-ing since a long time ago but didn't have chance to visit or do activities related to them before. End of January, I finally have it. It was fun and calm. Probably invest on it in my old days.

The Cut and The Affection - Day 3


One of the most allure and turning point. Sincerely enjoy the excitement feeling of affection, and stress free of the cut. This past 3 months I learn to listen to the little voice inside me. It gives me courage to cut any relationship that has negative tendency and fully attend the present moment. Drives me to be more realistic about the future but also not give up on my dreams. The prefect balance. Thanks to some of you who've being the part of it. Life is exciting, isn't it?

The Far Away Places - Day 4


Perhaps I am a freedom junkie, perhaps. I love the ideas of travel alone or with the unknown to far away places. Do things I 've never done before. See the beautiful scenery I never known exist. No clear plans. It taught me to always be prepare with whatever happens. Wake up call for my free spirit and explore individuals I just met. Promise will do it more often.

The Thursday Night Movie - Day 5

After work with cousin to Thursday night movie. Old story, red wine and cheese popcorn. On the rooftop near the pool plus strangers. Quite romantic and relaxing.

The Mass Rapid Transit - Day 6


Best feeling is when you could minimize the daily transportation duration become only 15 minutes! Truly time saver, mass rapid transit is finally operate in Jakarta. No more arrived after 7 PM, baby!

The Creative - Day 7

As complex as the things on my mind. Being appreciate and notice because of your creativity is a lovely feeling. Can't wait to see how far the creativity could go! And thank you, you.

Photographed by : Nelson, DK, Apriliana S. and me



  1. What an interesting way to create unique collages and you seemed to have a great week! I've been blog walking since starting my blog, and your blog is definitely my favorite Indonesian fashion blog! I love how you have interesting ways to share your stories, and fine dining is not an ordinary thing to me, it's my favorite thing to do and try to do it occasionally to keep it special.

    1. Hi Fiola,

      Thank you for the thoughts and compliment, really appreciate it!
      And yes, will try to do it occasionally to keep it special :) x
      Hope you have a great week too!

  2. i love the far away places part,, it reminds me of myself :)

    -Traveler Paruh Waktu

  3. Thank you Bara!
    Hope we meet someday in far away places x


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