Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Week in Pictures #1

Before we start I would like to ask, what does pictures mean for you? One day I found a quote on Pinterest said, "I love pictures because the best thing about them is that, they never change.. even people in it do...." Not sure who invented the quote first, but I got how it feels.

A Week in Pictures is a new program for this blog. Comes rough to mind since December last year, and it is clearer now so I could share it with you. It will not be the same with others. My week in pictures is not exactly happened in the same week. It is a compilation of each remarkable things that happened,  7 days in total per 3 months. A week that I wish I could have it frequently, but again.. life is not always about joy.

The Vivid Sky - Day 1

Blok M, it was located in Blok M. After rain at 5 PM, I go back early from the office. The sky turned into a vivid color, quite breathe-taking and for the first time Blok M Plaza look like the castle I always wanted to visit. Am I in The UK?

The Concert - Day 2

The excitement goes so far once I know Guns n Roses will be held Not in This Lifetime Tour in Indonesia. Been a fan of them since my Dad introduced me to their music in 1998. A first very big concert that I've attended. Yellow Zone, one class lower than VIP seat remember that. Also the good concert of PREP, cool indie band I've listened to since 2017. Hardrock cafe, euphoria just a week after.

The Little One - Day 3
Lunch together to celebrate my favorite little one's birthday. After that we went to the playground. How I wish everyday could be like this. Also this is not a Christmas card edition.

The Dating One - Day 4
Together Christmas since 8 months. Full of joy and laugh. We both know it shouldn't fade fast. 

The Pool - Day 5
Lovely rooftop pool in a hectic city. A little bit south, if only swimming every Monday is allowed for those daily worker. 

The Beach - Day 6
The beach always windy, however very peaceful. I saw an old man riding his horse, through the sands. Some motor-car around to pumped your adrenaline. The good way to spend your AM.

The After Work - Day 7
No secret day to day job in the office brings difficulty to take pictures with a good lightning. The after work is something that I try to do recently with some friends who has the same interests. Aesthetic place, dinner and click..!


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