Sunday, December 23, 2018

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 - Update of Local Brands and Designers

Belated recap, last October Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 back to town and introduce recent collection from the hottest local brands nor designers. Some of them are Danjyo Hiyoji, Byvelvet, Peggy Hartanto, Reves Studio, Teatum Jones, Sean Sheila, FBUDI, I.K.Y.K, and TOTON. Sleek cutting to edgy bold look, I think this season is quite elegance and the touch of soft hues is pretty noticeable.


Reves Studio

Peggy Hartanto





What I Wore?

Cover up in Pomelo outfit, this time I'm wearing their Giorgi Longline Wrap Shirt and Michaela Midi Satin Dress. The Giorgi Longline Wrap Shirt actually could be use in many ways, I will have special post about this later. For the Michaela Midi Satin Dress, the satin material makes it look classy and clean. Match for this fall season, don't you think?

Enough said for Jakarta Fashion Week 2019. See you in 2020!

 All pictures photographed by : Me, Ira Nursyadha & Maulana Fadil
All videos recorded by : Me, Ira Nursyadha & Yuki Gradiannisa


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  1. Thanks for the post. Im a big fan of the blog, i've even put a link of Nexter Org news this blog here for you to read more news.


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