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An Introduction to Pocket Watch Buying

There is a certain charm about antique pocket watches that make them such endearing items, even during these modern times and even among non-collectors. On top of its functionality, wearing one reflects an exceptional personal style and sophisticated taste. So, if you’re interested in purchasing one, read on to get to know more about pocket watches.

What are the parts that comprise a pocket watch?

For starters, buyers should know the basic parts of pocket watches:
  • Case - Made from strong, durable metal, the watch case is the exterior of the pocket watch which encloses the watch movement inside, including the dial and the crystal inside. These cases are usually made of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, nickel, brass, or stainless steel.

  • Dial - The front portion of the watch that displays the time is called the dial.

  • Stem - It is a thin and long metal rod extending from inside the watch to the crown. In some designs, the stem is used for winding to set the time.

  • Crown - This is a large textured knob that peeps out of the case. The crown is attached to the stem at the end. Like the stem, it can also be pulled out in some designs to be used for winding and setting the time.

  • Pendant - The metal hoop located above the crown to which a  fob or a chain is attached to it is known as the pendant.

  • Fob - It is the short leather strap, a mesh chain, or a ribbon that  is used for holding a pocket watch. Aside from being decorative, the fob can also serve as a protective flap over the face of the watch.

  • Albert Chain - This chain usually has a curved top designed for attaching the pocket watch to an item of clothing and a side hook used to hold the watch on the other end. Watch chains can be made in a variety of different styles from different materials, including gold chains used for top-tier gold watches.

What type of pocket watch do you want?

For pocket watches, there are two main styles: the hunter-case and the open-face.

  • Hunter-case pocket watch: This type of watch has a case that comes with a spring-hinged circular metal cover that covers the watch dial and the crystal. This provides the inner sections with protection from dust particles, debris, scratches, and from other damage.

  • An intermediate type of hunter-case pocket watches is known as the demi-hunter or the half-hunter.    For this style, the outer lid has an opening or a glass panel in the center which allows the wearer to see the movement of the watch hands. This type of case allows the wearer to tell the time without opening the lid. Among the antique pocket watches you can buy from Kalmar Antiques is an 18 carat demi-hunter pocket watch by Thomas Gaunt and Co, which remains in brilliant condition even after a century has passed since it was manufactured.

  • Open-face pocket watch: An open-face pocket watch, as the name implies, does not have a metal cover to protect the inner workings of the watch. For this type, the pendant will be located at the 12 o’clock position, the sub-second dial at the 6 o’clock position.

Do you want an antique or a modern pocket watch?

You might also need to get to know the difference between buying antique pocket watches and the modern ones. Majority of those who wear pocket watches prefer to own the modern watches with their latest styles and designs. On the other hand, collectors and people who like to display these watches prefer the antiques. 

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  1. Thank you ever so much for sharing such informative information. I haven't brought a pocket watch before however I can imagine this would be a wonderful keepsake for a husband or father for example.

    Thanks ever so much for sharing us!

    Laura xo

    1. Hi Laura,

      Yes, it could be a wonderful keepsake for your husband or father for sure!
      Let me know how it goes! xx

  2. This is great! How would you personally style a pocket watch? <3


    1. Thank you Karlee and yes that is such a nice idea haha.
      Next post I might show how to style it :) x


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