Sunday, November 18, 2018

Wave of Tomorrow - The Tribrata

Wave of Tomorrow was taking over the newest creation by Syah Establisments last month and turned it into "The Future". The grand ballroom has fulfilled beautifully with art, technology, and music interfusion.


Welcoming more than five artists from various discipline, some of them were NONOTAK, Sembilan Matahari, Ageless Galaxy, Rebellionink, Maika Collective, Kinara Darma, Stereoflow and Modulight.  


NONOTAK focusing on light and music installation. Creating an ethereal, immersive and dreamlike environment, this work is collaboration between illustrator Naomi Schipfer and architect musician Takami Nakamoto.

Sembilan Matahari


Constellation Neverland - installation by Sembilan Matahari, gently will remind you about how romantic the process of rain and snow could touch. Inspiring illustration, it was lovely how this off-screen-audio-visual works.
Ageless Galaxy

Planet Infinity
Ageless Galaxy - Planet Infinity, represent the spirit of never give up and do whatever it takes to execute your mission, even though it means have to break through your comfort zone. In this installation, you will find the journey of the unknown.

Maika Collective
Been holding your emotions back for the whole week? Then the installation by Maika Collective might be perfect for you. In the second stage of installation, you will have to scream out loud. The voice power will be visualize to the screen.



Pastel colors across the lines and shapes, Stereoflow brings joy and playful to the installation.  The artist - Adi Dharma, show his love on painting and youth.


Came here right after work, sadly I didn't have much time for all of the installations. Hope the next art exhibition could be report fully. 



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