Monday, August 27, 2018

Short Trip to Nusa Penida Island - Things You Should Know

Just like the waves, it brings us away~ 
Shall the waves, really unite us someway?

Take some sentences from my latest poem, this post will inform you about my short trip experience to Nusa Penida Island. Located in southeast part of Bali, this paradise might be a remarkable choice to escape.

How To Get There

Only have 5 days to stayed in Bali, I took one day trip program to visit Nusa Penida Island. Basically, travelers will have to go to Sanur Beach first, then take round-trip fast boat. The fast boat tickets are sell there with price around IDR 150,000 for locals and IDR 300,000 for foreigners. Make sure you arrived at Sanur Beach around 6 AM because the counter is open at 7 AM and they will operate the fast boat at 8 AM. It will take approximately 40 minutes to be in Nusa Penida Island. They will drive you back to Bali at 4 PM.

For those simple traveler who likes everything to be provided, the one day trip price itself depends on how many people or group that would like to go there. The range is from IDR 350,000 - IDR 650,000 per person. Please make sure if it is already include the car plus guide or driver because the road to go to the beaches in Nusa Penida Island is very hard and terrifying. There are several travel agents who offers this one-day trip program. But since the agent I contact was not really satisfying , I will not recommend it to you. 

Would like to explore it alone? Well, nothing impossible. However, perhaps you should spend some nights there because one day will not be enough. You could rent the motorbike or cars to go around. Please talk to some local people before to know about the road situation etc. Do not be ignorance! 

The Beaches

Kelingking Beach - Recognize this view on Instagram recently? Nah, welcome to Kelingking Beach! One of hidden-gem in west-coast Nusa Penida, going down to the beach is highly recommended!! Truly amaze with how wonderful it feels being there. It takes around 30 minutes - 1 hour to reach the white sands of Kelingking Beach. The track was so horrible but all the pain will be paid off when you walk down there. The waves kind of big but still ok. Just be careful not swim too far because there are some beautiful Manta Ray swimming along, oops!

Angel's Bilabong - Well known for their natural infinity pool, this beautiful beach is the one you should be really careful with. I found it very slippery to go down there and cliff jumping is not a good idea even some people still do it. There are specific timing when the waves comes up and hide the natural infinity pool, this is why you should know local people. Dangerous enough, yet still so worthy to visit.

Broken Beach - Just several steps from Angel's Bilabong, you will find this cool massive cliffs shaped like cave around the beach. It was deeply relaxing sitting there, watched the waves slams slowly. Peaceful for sure, sadly this one is not available for swimming. Too much stony corals for your head.



Crystal Bay - The calmest beach waves from all, Crystal Bay fits  so well for sunbathing, snorkeling nor swimming. Located not too far from the dock, this one is great to be the latest destination in your one day trip. 

Does have good spots for photo, this beach sometime even being used for photo-shoot of some brands.

Another information you need to know, there are some more beaches who could whisper to you in Nusa Penida Island such Atuh Beach. So lovely, but since it is located in the east-coast area, one day trip it is not really cover. Promise myself will definitely come back for more! 

Oh! Also don't forget to try some local food such this yummy Indomie Kari Ayam (chicken curry-noodles) and drink coconut water for soul! Thank you for reading x

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