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Advice on Shopping for Silver Bangles Online

The Bangle in the Wedding

Across South Asia especially, the bangle is considered an important piece of wedding jewellery although the significance and meaning varies from region to region. Glass bangles are quite common, with a traditional view being held, that the honeymoon will be considered over, when the last one breaks. Within Hinduism, it is considered inauspicious for a married woman to be bare armed, and even some men will also wear them.

Types of Bangle

There are essentially two different basic types of bangle, one being a solid cylinder which will slide over the hand and wrist, and a split, cylindrical spring opening type. The materials involved largely determine the type, with bangles made from jade or glass normally solid, while metals are often of the opening variety, although not exclusively. Bangles can be simple or intricate, with the additional embellishment on the surface affecting the price, such as carvings etched into the surface. Bangles can be very cheap, as seen in the rubber ones, looking similar to a wrist band worn by many young people today, to very costly and rare, but can generally be summed up as in inflexible piece of jewellery worn around the wrist, with cultural implications in some places, and being a simple accessory in others.

Buying Bangles

Many online retailers offer a great range, such as the exclusive range of solid silver bangles at Corazon Latino and of course you can visit any jewellery store in the High Street, though browsing online before making a purchase does give you a chance to see the amazing array of designs available in the market and to compare costs. A couple of thoughts to put you on the right track are the size of the bangle, as some people will prefer something slim and delicate while others will prefer to use something wide and chunky. 

Choosing the Material

Today, silver has become the most common material, and if you go the popular route, the next decision is whether to opt for a smooth or textured finish. A good tip is to consider how often it will be worn. A smooth silver bangle for special occasions looks stunning, but as bangles have large flat surfaces, they do tend to pick up scratches, so a textured finish will be more durable in keeping its finish and won’t need to be stored in its own separate box after usage.

If you are unsure what to buy, your local retailer will be happy to provide assistance, in helping you choose the right piece for the lady in your life.

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