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10 Tips For Keeping The Ring Safe Before You Pop The Question

Picking out the perfect engagement ring, actually buying it and then planning a dreamy proposal can turn even the toughest of guys into a quivering wreck.

Many men still prefer to purchase the ring before proposing, often buying it about a week or so before. It makes sense to put a lot of thought and planning into the entire proposal, though. After all, the ring itself is a big purchase, often coming close in line after a car and house as a valuable asset.

And then, there are proposals that can go wrong. You’ve probably read some of the horror stories already. Like the one guy who planned a hot air balloon ride for his proposal and stood watching in horror as the ring plummeted to the ground just before he popped the question.
There’s also the guy who thought it would be ever-so-romantic to ask for his lady’s hand in marriage while on a boat, only to witness the ring sinking right to the bottom of the lake before she even said yes.

So, if you are considering popping the question in the near future, here are a few tips to ensure you keep the ring safe before the proposal – whether it’s her dream sterling silver band or one of those sensational pink diamond engagement rings.

Make sure you insure the ring before it even leaves the jeweller. Even if something happens to it, you will at least be covered, and you won’t have wasted your hard-saved cash. Ideally, you should apply for jewellery insurance and you get about 10 days from the date of application to send in your appraisal documentation. Once all your information has been sorted out, you will receive your policy.

Once you’ve purchased the ring, be sure to keep it in the box and then store it somewhere safe at home, such as a fireproof safe.

    Keep Calm
If you happen to drop the engagement ring, like in the horror stories above, keep in mind that it’s going to be easier to recover it on dry land rather than water or air.

Leave It at the Jeweller
It may be a good idea to let the jeweller hand onto the ring until you are ready for the big proposal.

    Use the Front Desk Safe
If you’re whisking your beloved off somewhere romantic for the proposal, store the ring at the hotel’s front desk safe instead of the in-room safe.

Carry On Luggage
Similarly, if you’re travelling, never store the ring in checked baggage which can get lost or stolen. Rather take it in your carry-on luggage.

Ditch the Beach Idea
While it may seem romantic to propose as the beach sand sifts between your toes, just remember that rings can get lost in the sand way too easily.

Keep It Stable
Try not to pop the question somewhere where you might be unstable on your feet, like a boat or parachute!

Keep It Private
Don’t propose in a crowded area where the ring might be snatched or bumped out of your hand.

Don’t Stick the Ring in Her Food
If you put the ring in her food, you risk it getting lost or, even worse, she could choke on it.

Use these 10 tips to keep your engagement ring safe before the big proposal day.

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