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Amway Introduce Essentials by ArtistryTM (Product Launching and How To Use It)

The largest direct selling company Amway, introduced a new basic skin care products named Essentials by Artistry ™ on last Saturday, 24th March 2018. These skin care products are focus on those young ages under 25 years old. Could be use for all skin types, the skin care speciallity is to control the oil on your face so could be use as acnes preventive or even heal it. 

The launching product event itself is represented by Dharmaparayana Sthirabudhi, Head of Marketing at Amway Indonesia and scientific researcher and dermatologist advisor, Jenny Lee, R & D Research Scientist II, Amway Asia Beauty Innovation Center. 

Essentials by Artistry uses many natural extracts. Such as Aloe Vera and Chamomile content on all product formulas, Meadowsweet and Witch Hazel plus Zinc PCA that provide the best results for oil control.  According to Jenny, there are four main skin factors that contribute cause acne to come. Excess oil production (triggered hormonal factors), dead skin cells, bacterial proliferation, inflammation such as black spots (hyperpigmentation), swelling, itching or redness are the factors.

Just like their motto #3MinutesToGreatSkin, Essentials by Artistry claimed it only takes around 3 minutes for you to get your skin healthier by using the products. In total there are 5 new products but you could manage which one to use based on your skin conditions. 

The launching event itself it quite fun and colorful, visitors could check their skin conditions at Essentials by Artistry booth, play some games such as mini bowlings and ring hopes etc and get some healthy drink options.

Back to the skin care itself, in order to maintain skin to stay health, proper skin care is required, the facial cleansing ritual is become more important rather than just washing it. Below are some simply ritual you could try at home when you feel like to try these Essentials by Artistry product.


The 2-step facial cleansing ritual is very basic and simple ritual you could try at home. It is only combined Gel Cleanser Essentials by Artistry with Light Lotion Essentials by Artistry. Made by cucumber extract, chamomile and acerola cherry, these ritual will cleanses your skin face perfectly and hyderates it. It is also good to balancing the oil on your skin face. Just wash your face clockwise direction with the gel cleanser, and tap the light lotion on after it. I recommend to use your pinky finger while wash it clockwise because the skin area on your face is very soft that needed to be treat gently.

The 3-step facial cleansing ritual is basically almost the same with the 2-step facial cleansing ritual. What make it different is there will be Makeup Removing Wipes Essentials by Artistry added. For those who likes to use kind of heavy make up daily or just go back from an event or party, you could use this Makeup Removing Wipes before Gel Cleanser and Light Lotion. I personally really love their Makeup Removing Wipes because the texture is soft, really remove my makeup perfectly and do not make it irritate. Another plus point it is easily use and I like to bring it anywhere with me. The wipes also contain Vitamin E which is for your skin face.

For the Anti-Acne Facial Cleansing Ritual, Acne Care Pore Refreshing Toner Essentials by Artistry and Acne Gel Treatment are the main part. If your skin is sensitive and easily to get acne, then you might be doing this facial cleansing ritual. Softly tap the Acne Care Pore Refreshing Toner after you wash your face with the gel cleanser. Then you could put a little of acne care gel to the spots of your face the is started to have acne or already in the healing process. The lemon extract and witch hazel will helps to clarify and purify pores also clear the acne blemishes and protects it from future blemishes.



Anyway in this product launching event, we also did a workshop to make our own product boxes which was fun! And well.. to ending this post, for those who would like to try this new skin care, Essentials by Artistry, hope the ritual face cleansing above could help x.

This post is sponsored by Amway Indonesia


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