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4 Ways To Live Healthier in 2018 - How I Try To Stay Fit FT. Heavenly Blush Yogurt

Being healthy and fit isn't a fad or a trend. Instead, it is a lifestyle~

Some of you might be seeing above quote somewhere and well I guess that is the truth. As we know, our world circumstances is keep changing and it does affect our style of life. The 24 hours per day feels not enough and sometime we skip eating because in a rush. People are no longer have normal time to rest because they have to meet the task deadline they got from school or work. Last year, I sank into that condition and I realized I have to change before it getting worst. The fast environment we are living right now could be tricky but all will be fine if you pay attention to small things you could adapt into that situation. This 2018, I have applied 4 simply ways to keep myself fit and healthy. Probably it could help you who are struggle or forget about the importance of healthy lifestyle, coming back to the track.

Wake Up Early and Make Priority

The first tips that I have applied this year. I was an owl person previously, stayed up until 1 - 2 AM to get the jobs done. I felt that my brain only could be active at night and consciously let myself lack of sleep. Notice it affect myself the next day and kind of break my skin condition, I tried to change that behavior. They says you should get 8 hours of sleep per day to be fit. Sounds easy but it is hard to get in reality, right? Well at least, if you couldn't get 8 hours of sleep, you could change the schedule your brain and body works. I try to sleep at 10 PM or latest at 11 PM, set alarm at 4 or 5 AM then do my job tasks until 6 or 7 AM before continue go to work. Not to forget to make a priority list so I could finish what is truly matter. Make the hardest task become on your top list is a good idea, since when you just wake up your brain is so fresh to think. Easy tasks like replying emails could be done later on.

Try To Be Mindfulness


Have you heard about mindfulness before? If you are doing yoga or adore some Zen and Tao's quotes, this must be not a new thing for you. The point of mindfulness is, to pay full attention to the present. Yes, present moment. Nature around you when jogging in the morning, focus on the tasks in front of you while you at work, the words and people around you when you socialize. The key is simple, enjoy what is going on around you now. Do not let the fight with your boyfriend or friend last night etc bothering your mind the next day. Just do not let the issue from the past or worriness of the future make you forget about what is really happen now. Having a healthy lifestyle is also include a healthy mind. If you don't have time to follow the ideal standard of healthy lifestyle steps you have planned before, at least you could change the way your mind thinking and see the world to keep you positive.

Spare Time To Do Your Hobbies or Exercises


Nobody is busy 24/7, I really believe that statement. Do the things you love and basic exercises is very important to keep you healthy and fit. I personally like to do swim on the weekend or give 10 - 15 mins to do basic yoga in the morning before go to work. If your job forced you to sit in front of laptop every week days, then you must doing this to make your body more relax and active. You know, 10 mins jogging before go to work or go to the gym after office hours won't hurts. Three times per week is more than enough already. If your hobbies are something that is not related to sport, then make a way to move your body. No excuses! 

Move to Healthy Foods and Drinks

This is a very crucial and another basic way to apply for healthy lifestyle. I recently started to change my addiction to junk food, and replace it with some home-made cooking foods. Consume veggies and fruits as snacks or main food could be try. Drink a lot of mineral water and healthy drink such yogurt are very recommended. The high fiber you got from veggies, fruits or even yogurt will slowly give a huge effect to your health condition.

Talking about yogurt, Greek yogurt is one of the well-known type of yogurt people love to consume. One of my daily yogurt to consume recently will be from Heavenly Blush. The creamy texture is a must try and simply drink box package make it easily to carry around. What make Heavenly Blush yogurt different is their high quality and less of sour taste which is my favorite. For those who still ignorant about the existence of yogurt itself, let me shortly inform you about the benefits of it. 

By drinking or eat something that contains yogurt, you get potassium, iron, calcium, tyrosine, magnesium, yodium, vit A, vit D and B2 into your body. All of those components are good as preventive of high blood pressure or heart attack, keep your skin young and blood healthy, give you a positive feeling and easier to sleep, also good for your bone as well. Such a simply way to be healthier right? Yogurt also good to consume for those who would like to have a healthy diet plan. Make it include in smoothies, or as the base of home made cake is very good. The good bacteria in yogurt will help you feel better each day.

Another good news, Heavenly Blush Yogurt is having an exciting competition right now, you won't missed for sure! Dream about travel or exploring the beautiful Greece, such as Santorini before? Well, Heavenly Blush Yogurt will take 30 winners to discover the secret of Greek healthy hacks to Greece! For more information about this competition could be check on #HeavenlyBlushGreekSecret Heavenly Blush Yogurt website. Good luck and hope these tips find you well!



  1. Gym dan makanan sehat bikin kita tambah sehat, cantik luar dalam

    1. Haha iya betul sekali Mba, thank you for reading ya :)


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