Monday, March 12, 2018

Q & A : "Get To Know Her Mind"

Running this blog for about 3 years, I got several questions from those who read. It is beautiful the fact others care and would like to know about what is on your mind to get to know yourself. So this Sunday night, I decided to have a short Q & A post to answering some of your curiosity. By short Q & A, it means I will only answer 9 questions (since 9 is my favorite number) as follows.

1. What brings you into blogging?

Well, this question is kind of a long story to be answer. Frankly speaking, I was so interested with America's Next Top Model show when I was in Senior High School. I wanted to be a model  so hard but then realized my 5'1'' height will not helped it. Since that, I always found myself getting closer to fashion industry. From did an internship in one of fashion magazine until joined some fashion competitions. I fall in love with the creativity of style and fashion itself and I met one of fashion blogger during the journey. Saw his blog inspired me if I could express myself through blogging. The plus point is surely I could be a model in my own blog, finally!

2. What is a perfect day for you?

Hmm.. a perfect day for me must be when I still could give some time to talk, laugh and see the smiles of people I love, after finishing all my to-do-list in a hectic day. Such a classic answer but that is the truth. This little thing might be difficult to fulfill on weekdays especially since my current condition force me to be away from those I give my heart to. 

3. Seems like you watched a lot of horror movies, I saw it in your Instagram story. Why and what make you enjoy that kind of movies?

Above question hits me several times haha. Why and what make me enjoy watch horror movies must be because of by watch it, I realized there is something that is more scarier than my current life situations. Usually, I only watch it when I feel a little bit down. So good for stress release.

4. What do you think about water?

I think water is awesome! It could turn into many things and so refreshing. Definitely cannot live without water since I like to drink a lot and swimming is my current fav!

5. Do you like to eat? Any mood booster food recommendation?

Indomie curry with milk, mozzarella and soft-boiled egg!! Seriously recommend if you like it tasty and creamy like I do!

6. How do you see yourself in the next 3 or 5 years?

Trying my destiny in The U.S for sure. Could be still working in the office of similar industry company or being a full time blogger after married.

7. When will you start vlogging or make Youtube videos?

Ok, I will start to do vlog or make Youtube videos once I feel I could manage my time better. Hopefully end of this year!

8. Cancel plans or have to deal with something slow?

Lol this is a hard question since I dislike both options! But dealing with something that slow me down might irritate me the most.

9. One song that popped up in your mind?

Major Harris - Love Won't Let Me Wait~

Enough said about this Q & A short post. Hope it could answer some of your curiosity and we could get to know each other better. Let me know if there are some other questions do you have in mind! Oh! I also just cut my hair short again if you notice it x.



  1. You're adorable! I love reading more about the face behind the blog. You're doing amazing things. Keep it up!

    Enclothed Cognition

  2. Love this post dear!
    Mónica Sors

  3. Mau komentar pakai bahasa Inggris tapi takut grammarnya berantakan. Intinya ini kunjungan pertama, tapi saya suka blog ini.


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