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Engagement Rings For Active Ladies

Many women tend to focus on style over functionality when choosing an engagement ring set. But, if your lady is a regular at the gym, loves her sports, and is an all-round hard worker with her hands, you need to find her a ring that will cope with her active lifestyle. Without sacrificing beauty, of course.

Diamonds are strong, but they’re not indestructible. Diamonds can wear and tear, and they can even crack and chip. That’s why active ladies need rings that have durable, sturdy settings to protect the stones and withstand her lifestyle.

The Metals and The Settings

What type of setting should an active woman have for her engagement ring? Platinum settings usually offer the most protection. The metal is four times more durable than gold. It’s also double the price. Platinum unique engagement rings in Sydney are typically made up of platinum combined with alloy metals like iridium, rhodium, and copper.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to platinum, consider palladium. It’s not as strong, but it is resistance to tarnish that usually occurs from wear. Palladium is an excellent option for active women, but keep in mind it’s not great for settings with smaller details, like a melee of small stones or even high settings.

As for the setting, there are a few different types that offer protection. For instance, prong settings allow loads of light to reach the diamond. Four-prong settings are the most traditional, but more prongs make for an even more secure setting.

The diamond shape will also dictate the number of prongs needed. Diamonds with points, like a square princess cut, must be protected, since shape corners are vulnerable to chips; and fancier shapes need more prongs to protect the points and edges of the diamond.

If her active lifestyle is likely to put delicate diamonds at risk, consider engagement ring sets that have diamonds without hard corners or round cut diamonds.

Consider Cross Split Shanks

Cross split shanks are a contemporary design that has two thin bands crossing at the centre of her finger. The style is clean and modern, but highly sophisticated, too. This setting is strong support with a four-prong head mount to protect a diamond and keep it in place.

Infinity Twists

Active women don’t have to settle for solitaires. For those who want intense sparkle, an infinity twist engagement setting with pave diamonds and diamond halo around the centre stone are ideal. Pave diamonds are usually set low in the band which means they don’t get in the way at the gym, during sports, and pretty much anything else.

Bezel Settings

Bezel and half-bezel settings offer exceptional protection for diamonds. The setting creates a halo of metal around the diamond to shield it and ensure it doesn’t fall out. They also won’t snag on clothes.


Engagement rings for women who live busy and active lifestyles need the durability to withstand her activities. Pick a ring made with a tough metal and choose head mounts that will protect the stone from nicks and chips.

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