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ZAP Photo Facial Treatment [Review]

 Hi all! Today, I'm going to share you about my experience in one of famous beauty clinic in Indonesia named ZAP.

If previously ZAP was well known because of their hair removal treatment, this time another treatment called ZAP Photo Facial stealing the heat. 
With Dr. Francesca, ZAP One Belpark

Before do the treatment, we have to consult with the doctor first so the doctor knows about our skin condition. 

Since in this treatment they will use laser, there are some criteria to fulfil. The criteria are such as might not tanning a week before do the treatment, not in pregnancy condition etc.
The lobby, ZAP One Belpark
The therapist assistant also will clean your face from make up, give sunglasses for eyes protector, and cover the birthmark on your face before started the process if you have any. 

Well, for those who curious how it was, there are 3 steps in Photo Facial treatment as follows. The step will be repeat twice per cycle.

Face Toning

This face toning process focusing in deepest skin cell (dermis layer, inside) Use laser technology, the functions are to smooth the skin color, brighten, reduce black spots, shrink pores, disguise fine wrinkles, disguise acne scars, and reduce excess oil that can be acne. At this first step, you might feel a little pain like being bitten by an ant or like when your skin feels the fireworks sparkle on your face and smell the burn smoke but that is nothing to be worried about. You could always inform the doctor every time it feels a little bit uncomfortable.

Face Rejuvenation

The formulated gel will be applied on your face before this step begin. Use another laser light technology, the gel's benefit is to minimize the heat feeling of laser light technology on your face. You might only feel a bit warm at this step especially around under nose area since the skin is thinner.

The only thing that kind of bother me is the light effect. Even though they have put sunglasses to protect your eyes, you still could see the light through it. So, make sure you really close your eyes deep at this step. The function of Face Rejuvenation is to reduce black spots, heal and reduce inflammation of acne, collagen regeneration so the skin stay youth, smooth, and bright.

Oxy Infusion

Oxy Infusion is my favorite from all of the steps. At this step, they will spraying serum and oxygen into the skin through the pores which is very very refreshing! This Oxy Infusion function is to clean the skin face, make it moist, and fresh immediately. And well, it really does. You might feel cool and fresh when they spray the serum and oxygen into your skin. After Oxy Infusion, sunblock and cream from ZAP will be applied.

After having ZAP Photo Facial, I did feel the face really moist, soft and brighter. For the bigger change of skin face condition, it usually do not show immediately, so some of you might feel it after 5 - 20 times treatment.

For those who would like to try it might check some links below :) See you in my next post x

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