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Things To Look Out For In A Jewellery

If you’ve bought anything expensive, then you would know how popular the culture of creating counterfeit products is. There is an entire industry of creating replica products that profit from the popularity that a brand has.
Rolex, for example, is notorious for having lots of fakes and having very few places that sell its legit watches. You may think your jewellery is safe from counterfeit, but it’s no exception.

There are professionals trained to tell the difference between real and fake. If you are going for a piece that is priced at five or more figures, it’s recommended to see a professional. Some of you can go to expert jewellers in Brisbane like Ringleaders.

Purchase And Intention

There are people who wear fake jewellery. This is not a slam against them. It is often that the seller is upfront and honest about selling them. That is an honest sale where both sides are getting what they want.

However, there are times you spend lots of money on a necklace, ring or a watch that you don't know is fake until you buy it. Some shops claim they sell all legit accessories, even though you've spotted products that shouldn't be sold at that store. It is important to note that most stores that are in malls will usually have legit jewellery. The businesses there thrive on word of mouth so if people know that a store sells fake jewellery, they'll run out of clients.

Science And Reputation

Many stores let you sell things to get money in return. This practice is very common to see in some sneaker shops and video game stores. This can apply to jewellery as well.

There are many scientific tests you can do to find out if the jewellery is legit. One way is the Nitric acid test. Be warned that you won't be able to enjoy your piece after you do this. The method involves taking Nitric acid drops to apply on your piece. If you're testing gold, there will be no reaction. If it’s a metal imitating gold, you will notice that the drops will affect the jewellery. You can also try the liquid foundation technique, wherein you must first apply the liquid and powder on your forehead. Take your piece and run it across your forehead horizontally. If there’s a black streak, the jewellery is likely fake.

If you have light skin, there’s a simpler way to know that your jewellery is fake. When you wear a necklace and light is put against it, your skin will turn a different colour. A green colour is a red flag that the jewellery is fake.

Diamonds are heavily counterfeited products. The sparkle and shine is indistinguishable between a real one and a fake one. However, a block of wood, concrete or rock won’t be able to break an authentic diamond, which is one of the toughest minerals on the planet.

Educate yourself on the difference between a fake and an authentic jewellery to ensure that the jewellery you’ve set your eyes on and which you probably have saved for is worth the purchase. Dealing with a known and trusted jeweller would ensure you don’t fall for the lies and flattery of a fake jewellery seller.

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