Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bio Oil Travel Kit - Your Skin Travel Mate!

Have a smooth, healthy and glowing skin like Victoria Secret's models might be one of every girls dream. However, reality is not as always as it dream of.

For some people who loves to travel might realize that is kind of hard to maintane our skin as moisturaizer as it should be sometime. Especially if you are going to tropical places, you could get sun burn since running out around the beach etc. a dry skin could make the elastic of your skin lose as well and lose collagen might cause strectmark. Knowing that situation, Bio Oil realease their travel kit. 

Bio Oil is a specialist skincare product from South Africa which have been use since 1987. However, i just heard about this product since around 2 years ago. The product admit as different from a regular oil, such a magic oil, that can help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, anti aging, help hydrate the dry skin, and prevent hair split ends. It contains unique formulation, including Vit A, Vit E, Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, PurCellin Oil.

I personally have scars left on my arms due to fall from bycycle in my childhood. I decided to try to Bio Oil on my scars and know could it be really remove my scars. I applied it twice a day and just try it around a week so I couldn't see many significant change yet. 

However after apply it, I feel like my skin is pretty soft and that is not greasy on my skin. Absord well into the skin.

Bio Oil also pretty multifunction and could be use in many ways.

How to Use: 

Hair: For the hair, you could directly use like 2 - 3 drops of Bio Oil and rub it onto hair to keep the hair looking smooth and healthy. This is so good for those who has dry and frizzy hair.

Body, Hands, Feet : To see your body, hands and feet skin condition improve effectivly, it suggested to use it daily, twice / day for around 3 months. It is better to massage it in circular way when apply it to the skin, especially for those who wish could get rid off  stretchmark. 

Neck: Neck might be the first area that quickly show early aging signs. To avoid that, you could use a few drops of Bio Oil and massage it upwards motion. 

Nails: Sometime we often change nail polish color and it made our nails less healthy and dry. Bio Oil could nourish your nails and cuticle to make it smooth and shine.

Face: Bio Oil also claims safe to use for face. You could massage your face while apply it to slow down the skin aging movement.

Recently I feel like Bio Oil Travel Kit is a good product to bring while traveling. I will update about the scars I have later after use it for longer time. How about you? Have any of you tried Bio Oil? Please don't hesitate to share me about the result! See you on my next post xx.


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