Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Travel to Jogja - Pegipegi 11 + 11 Sale

Traveling is a part of most people lifestyle recently, including me. As we know, right now there are many apps who simplify our plan to travel.

Pegipegi is one of the largest online travel agency in Indonesia who offer helps for hotel reservation, flight ticket booking or even train ticket booking. Launched in May 2012, everything in this application is made to easier your travel arrangement and to fulfil your travel needs.

Previously, you might know if this year I have been traveling to Singapore and Bali. Overwhelm by the hectic situation of Jakarta, Jogjakarta might be a perfect option for me to have quality time with myself.

Have no idea where to stay in Jogjakarta when we are about to travel to? Pegipegi has 7000+ hotel network all across Indonesia you can search. Hotel in Jogja can be find in a minute. Not only that, they also serve booking ticket for 200++ train routes and 20,000+ flight routes. Affiliate with more than 5000 partners, we can also read the travel tips articles in their website or app. From destination lists, hotel recommendation until culinary suggestion, it completely can be find over there.


This November, Pegipegi about to give us, Indonesia customers surprise with their hot promo, Pegipegi 11 + 11 Sale. The promo itself will be launching soon at 09 - 11th November wohoo!  We can get 22% hotel discount and IDR 220,000 discount for flight ticket on that period from 00 – 23.59 WIB. But before we can enjoy the promo, we have to make sure that we already sign up because it is only available for the Pegipegi members.

Interested to do traveling in Jogjakarta too? Follows are the terms and condition for Hotel in Jogja discount :

  • Promo only can be use on 09 - 11th November 2017
  • Insert the coupon code to get the 22%  discount (maximum discount is IDR 600,000) without minimum transaction, only available in Pegipegi App. Or get the 10% discount (maximum discount is IDR 600,000) without minimum transaction, only available via desktop and mobile app.
  • Coupon code 22% discount only can be use in one time transaction.
  • Coupon code 10% discount can be use more than one time transaction.
  • The hotel room availability it depends on the reservation and hotels policy.
  • The hotel price range can be change depends on the hotels policy.
  • Every transaction that use promo or coupon code will not get Pepepoin (point rewards from Pegipegi).
  • Every transaction that use promo or coupon code cannot be refund or cancel.
  • Pegipegi can change the terms and condition anytime without informing first.
  • The booking or reservation can be use for anytime stay period.

If you are a new member of Pegipegi and confused about how to book the flight ticket, hotel or train ticket. Pegipegi has all the guidance in the application and website for your reference. The transaction itself in Pegipegi is pretty simple. Cooperate with almost all of huge bank in Indonesia, Pegipegi transaction available via credit card, bank transfer, ATM transfer and internet banking. In case you have no credit card or money left on bank account, you can pay the transaction via cash as well. One of Indonesia store you can go to do payment is Indomaret.

Installing their application in our phone can make it easier. Personally, I more likely to do flight ticket, hotel or train ticket booking via phone before running out to their website through PC. Pegipegi application is available in Android and iOS which is you can install to save more time (imagine have to book the hotels or flight ticket while walking or do other things via phone rather than have to sit down in front of laptop doing that).

Pegipegi also have local customer service who can help us if we still find some issue about the booking or transaction. You can contact them via call, e-mail, Line and even Whatsapp. 

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  1. Asik ya.. Jadi ga sabar ngincer promo 11+11 sale nya Pegipegi ! :D


  2. Anything that makes travelling easier and takes the hassle out, is good in my book! Thanks for the introduction to this service. Hope you're having a great week so far!


  3. wahhh promo 11 11 kemarin saya memang sengaja tidur seharian demi menghindarinya..
    sedang puasa dulu.. dompet butuh hibernasi panjang euy... hehehe

  4. i've never used it before but i think i need to try to use this website.. thanks for the info..

    -Traveler Paruh Waktu


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