Monday, November 6, 2017

Spread Your Message Digitally - Paperless Post

Time flies fast and now is November already. Last Friday, was my Mom's birthday and I wanted her to experience something new.

Paperless Post is a platform who helps you create online, paper invitations and stationery digitally for events. I decided to create birthday card and birthday party invitations for my Mom. 

Old pictures of my family

The fun thing about Paperless Post is you could customized it and make it special for the love ones. 

From choosing the design of liner envelope, the backdrop, the writing format until the stamp and postmark. They have many variants to fulfil your aesthetic needs.

You could send the free preview to your own email to see how does it look like when others received it. You could also track your card, read and reply to comments or add new recipients.

Mom's birthday party invitation

Mom's birthday party invitation

Since Christmas Day is almost coming, perhaps you could try this digital cards and invitations for your own special events too!

Cooperation post with



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