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How to Tell the Difference Between Antique, Vintage & Retro Items

If you are interested in character jewellery and fine items, you might often be unsure about the category of a particular piece, and with so many, it’s hardly surprising. For those who would like to be certain that the pocket watch you like is actually an antique, or that necklace is, in fact retro, here is an overview of the three terms.

Antique Items

It is generally accepted in the jewellery industry that an antique piece would be at least a century old. Anything that is less than 100 years old would fall into the “vintage” category, however, there are many jewellers that use the word antique a little too liberally, and if you are in any doubt, ask about the year of manufacture. For the person who really appreciates fine things, Kalmar Antiques has a collection of antique pocket watches that are very affordable, and will no doubt appreciate in value as time passes.

Vintage Jewellery

Broadly speaking, anything that is older than 20 years, but not more than 100, is classed as a vintage piece, so a ring from the 1980s would, in fact, be vintage, but not from the 1990s, well not for a few more years. Vintage is a term that is loosely used among dealers, and can cover anything that is neither new nor modern, but technically, the piece must be at least two decades old to be considered vintage. If you would like to know more about vintage items, there is an informative guide online to vintage costume jewellery, which also has price guidelines. There are established online jewellers who specialise in vintage items, and with a very large inventory, there is bound to be something that strikes a chord.

Retro Pieces

Sometimes called “Art Moderne”, retro is a period that embraced colour and elaboration, and was said to be inspired by the glamour of Hollywood, where everything is larger than life and extremely glitzy. There is one particular decade, from the 1940-50 period, and any jewellery item that is designated to be retro should be made within that era, yet if the piece concerned possesses all the right properties, it might well be labelled retro, regardless of its age. There is a detailed breakdown of the retro style you can find on various resources, which looks at jewellery and other aspects of society that this style influenced. Retro items can expect to appreciate in value, as the collectors try to source the very best examples, and if you are looking for a sound investment, something retro might just be the answer.

Any person that is serious about purchasing fine jewellery should begin with some online research, then, after they are familiar with the terminology, there are established online jewellers who have a stunning range of antique, vintage, and retro designs, and all at affordable prices. Buying fine jewellery online involves much less expense for the retailer, and they pass this down to their customers, so you can expect some real bargains, if you know where to look.

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