Monday, October 16, 2017

Opening Ceremony - Hair Expo Indonesia 2017

Another event report about Hair Expo Indonesia 2017! A kind of late post from my side, but still better late than never.
Bali Dance as the opening
Last July, I got an invitation to attend the opening ceremony of the first hair industry exhibition in Indonesia who is uniting hairdresser, barbers, brands to connect deeper. 

Live hair cutting and styling from The Cuts Indonesia

This exhibition represented for those who interesting in hair industry. Many hairdresser, barbers, brands related to hair styling /care were there for you to see.

Not only that, you could also see some hairstyle academy for those who would like to take this more seriously into career. 

There were also a live demo of hair styling from some of famous Indonesian hairdresser and fashion show. 

Overall it was a great exhibition and cannot wait for the next hair expo Indonesia to come! 


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    1. Thank you Farish, glad to know and stay safe always x!

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