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5 Hairstyles To Try For Prom

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With prom feeling like it’s always just around the corner, you may already have a good idea of what kind of sensational dress you would like to wear, and perhaps even the accessories, so it’s time to think about your hair, too!

From up-do’s and down-do’s to everything else in between, there are so many combinations of looks that may suit your style and show off your dress. Here are some of our favourite styles.

The Down-Do’s

If you would prefer something more glamorous and red-carpet worthy, then you may want to consider voluminous locks or big curls. What’s more, it’s the perfect look to achieve on your own so you won’t have to cut into your budget to go to a salon. You’ll also get to show off your hair’s natural body and add a bohemian type of vibe to your overall look. This kind of look goes really well with simpler dresses.

The Updo’s

If your dream prom dress has some exquisite back detailing, you’re going to want to show it off, right? A sleek and chic up-do is just the way to do that. With your hair tied up you can also look forward to the freedom of dancing the night away, and even posing for photos without having to worry about having a hair crisis. A trendy topknot or a low chignon bun are definitely the way to go. Be sure to check out 2018 cheap white prom dresses available at Prom Dress Shop that will go perfectly with an up-do.

A Half-Up Do

The half-up style is a fantastic way of compromising, as you will get to show off both your hair and your dress. It also lets you get creative with your locks while still showing off details on the dress. This style is great for dresses that have a pattern or beading on the front and can range from simple to complicated twists and braids.

The Braids

If you have chosen a simpler prom dress and you would like to add a little texture, or perhaps you just prefer a natural hair do, go for a braid. A chunky braid pulled to the side adds interest and works exceptionally well with a strapless dress and delicate accessories.

The Ponytail

Perhaps you would like something flirty and playful for prom? If your dress is fun and shows off your personality, a bouncy ponytail is the perfect do for you. You can add a touch of volume to your roots and a few curls for added volume. Wrap a piece of hair around the tie to hide it and to give yourself a more sophisticated look, too.

What About Short Hair?

If you have short hair, you can definitely still rock it for prom. You can try out any of the hottest styles of the year, or just wear it natural. If you like, you could add a few tousled, loose curls. In fact, with short hair, the sky is the limit.

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