Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Feminine X Boyish Chic - Jarova Midi Jumpsuit Love, Bonito

Every cool girl is half boy...

I saw those words on Instagram not long time ago and feels like it reflect myself.

Shortly, I was a little bit tomboy before and enjoyed hanging out with boys rather than with girls.

Little girl with curly hair and jumpsuit who can't stop running, that's how the neighbor recognized me. 

Grow as teenager drastically change my appearance. I slowly would like to dress nice and be feminine. Not to impress but just naturally happen with most girls in the world I guess. 

Jumpsuit is the best option you have if you would like to still look feminine but showing off your boyish chic personality.

Back-side view

If you like everything as simple as I do, and not in the mood to wear skirt etc, jumpsuit is the answer. 

Jarova Midi Jumpsuit - Love, Bonito, Midi red heels - Zara, Bag - Louis Vuitton
Photographed by : Ira Nursyadha & Yuki Gradiannisa

This time, I wear Jarova Midi Jumpsuit from Love, Bonito. The simply cutting, I think it is pretty beautiful and clean. 

Get IDR 75,000 off for first purchase! 

Love, Bonito is a fashion online shopping platform who offer a chic, simply elegant look to your daily. For the price range itself, it is around IDR 500,000 ++.

You could check the latest fashion trend in their new arrival edition. They also have many categories you could choose.

Anyway, they also provide free shipping so go get many of their good quality collections without being worry about the shipment cost! x

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