Saturday, August 19, 2017

Artsy Living at Art Science Museum - Visit Singapore (Day 4)

In a room full of art, I'd still stare at you~

Ok, I know I shouldn't go back to Singapore topic but let me just share the photos and thoughts of Art Science Museum Singapore to you. 
There are some old Chinese symbols/words you could touch and turn into an animate of animals or landscape etc

Art Science Museum Singapore probably one of coolest museum I have visited. There were some exhibitions type such as Future World, HUMAN + The Future of Our Species and Into The Wild : An Immersive Virtual Adventure.

At that time, we only went to Future World because of the limited time we have. Future World amazed me a lot, it was like take me to a beautiful futuristic space of high-tech.

Cute kid playing around

I could imagine what if the earth we are living right now become so high-tech like that, perhaps in the next 50 years, who knows. It kind of reminded me with some sci-fi movies I used to watch. 

It gets me excited to see how people mind and creativity turn into a wonderful art like this. Another thing comes in mind, we should be blessed and thankful could exist in this world as a human being with brilliant brain. 
The brain is a gift you could explore in many ways. Be wise with it and build your artsy living!


  1. Woow!! amazing place for visiting, I never seen a place like that before, you're such a lucky girl ;)

  2. Wow! Adorable!<3


  3. Love the fantastic purples and blues from the lights! 🔮🙏


  4. Nice pictures and I love it.


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