Sunday, July 23, 2017

Reverse Tanning - Blanc 633, Latest Beauty Trend from Korea

Have you heard about latest huge beauty trend from Korea called Reverse Tanning or White Tanning? Recently, I got a chance to try this treatment from Clinique Suisse.

Also known as red light theraphy, reverse tanning not use UV light. 

This therapy purposed to energize your cells, boosting collagen and elastin production. Even though it is called as White Tanning, it is actually will not make your skin suddenly change become white like Korean people you see in television but only will make your overall skintone get brighter like shiny and healthier (not dull anymore). 

The tanning session itself take 15 minutes and the result could be really seen after 4 times treatment (Actually after 1st treatment you could see it more brighter also).

Before you get into the reserve tanning studio named Blanc 633, the therapist will inform you what to do during the treatment. Blanc 633 is the first reverse tanning studio in Indonesia from South Korea.

After get into the studio, there are Bioderma cleanser to clean up your make up, also glasses to protect your eyes. 
You also have to apply the lotion who prepared by the therapist before get into Blanc 633 tube. You could listen to your favorite songs inside the tube and don't have to worry because you could press the bell if something happen or you need help.

At the first time trying this I remember Final Destination 3 movie and kind of scared to be honest, but all is pretty safe so I relieved. It feels warm inside the tube so make sure you drink a lot before get inside because you will be sweating and you have to stay hydrated.
For those who would like to try this treatment it cost IDR 400,000 per visit but you could get 50% off for first trying session!

The reverse tanning only available in Clinique Suisse for now. Please let me know your experience after try it x


  1. really enjoyed reading this post. looks like a fab post.

    lippie x

  2. I've never heard of anything like this before - fascinating! I'm glad you got to try out the first of its kind in Indonesia :) Have a lovely week!



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