Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bali Short Trip - Jimbaran and Seminyak

My decision to not go to Bali last May for company event this year due to went to Singapore cannot make me run away from Bali. This Dewata Island still calling me for a very short trip since I suddenly have business thing to take care over there.

Wild dogs at Jimbaran Beach

This time I got a chance to visit Jimbaran and Seminyak area. If you are the type of person who like it calm, you could go to Jimbaran area since it is pretty calm and beautiful. But if you are afraid of dogs, you should be watchout because there are many wild dogs around running everywhere and at night they will walk together such a gang haha. 

Seminyak is kind of different. People who loves to party, chilling or stuff might find this area so attractive. Many cool cafes and bars around. Seminyak night life will offer you a great memory. It kind of remind me with Kemang area in Jakarta to be honest. Be aware to not drink too much and get drunk since you could be a yum target sometime and get your wallet stolen. 

I stayed in two hotels during my short trip there. One is in Bali Breezz Hotel, Jimbaran and the other one is in Tijili Hotel, Seminyak.

Blouse - The Executive , Dark Blue Pants - Mom's 

Black Crop Top - Wearstatuquo , Black Denim Pants - H&M
Sunglasses - PomeloBlack Loafers - Rubi, Cotton On
Photographed by : Moh. Iqbal

It was a really short trip and I didn't took a lot of pictures or went to places since I basically was there to work.
Hope next visit to Bali will be more interesting to share! Thank you for reading x


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