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Meracle Collagen & Glutathione - Drink (Review)

Hi all! So today I will be back with beauty and skin care product review.
This time, the product called Meracle Collagen & Glutathione from FunShare. It is such a sachets of powder to drink. This Anti-Aging product from FunShare itself contains the best and premium collagen quality from The U.S. and  the best Glutathione from Japan. 
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Throwback to when we were babies, ever wonder why our skins was super soft and elastic at that time? It is because our skin is rich of collagen at that time. The older we get the production of collagen is decreased. The scary thing is, research says the production of collagen will be stop when we reach 35 years old. 
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The similar case also happen to our Glutathione production. Research says it will be decreased 8 - 12% per decade when we reach 20 years old. If you start seeing wringkles under your eyes and your skin feel greasy, means that your Glutathione is low. 
Unhealthy lifestyle like rarely exercise, not enough sleep, random eating habit, smoking, alcohol consuming and stress are some factors that cause the production of Collagen and Gluthione in our bodies become decreased and unstable. Pollution and UV Rays also take a part of it.

So what is inside Meracle that could help us from that situation?
Credit to : FunShare

Meracle Collagen & Gluthatione contains :
  • Fish Collagen
  • L-Glutathione
  • Pomegranate
  • Red Beet
  • Vit C & E
Pomegranate and Red Beet is rich of antioxidance which is great for Anti- Aging as well. And everyone knows Vit C & E are very important to keep our skin healthy.

How does it taste? It tastes like Pome but not too strong, so I like it.

I've been consume it for 10 days, twice per day in the morning time also night time and belows are some change that I feel :
  • I recently often forget to clean my make up and just sleep with it (gross I know), it caused me got like 3 acnes on my face. The acnes was big but now it gets smaller and dry after day 3, and disappear completely on day 7
  • It does make my skin more elastic like seriously haha, after day 1 I already could feel it when I touch my face
  • It does make my face brighter and more alive
  • My skin kind of dry type but after consume it, it become more soft.
  • I have dark cicrles under the eyes, so far I don't see much change for it.
Overall, I think Meracle Collagen & Gluthatione is worth to try! Their price is IDR 985.000 per box - 20 sachects if you want to try :)

See you on my next post!



  1. Wow I have never heard of such a drink before.
    Thank you for this interesting and informative blog post! Will give this product a try sometime :)

    xx, rebecca

    1. Yes, this drink is pretty nice actually!
      You are welcome x

  2. A great review, it's so important to look after your skin and this drink sounds like a great one to try!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Laura xo

    1. Yes, so agree with you Laura!
      Thank you for reading x

  3. enjoyed reading the post.

    lippie x

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