Monday, April 24, 2017

Eternaleaf Pure Papua Plant - Body Bath, Body Lotion & Moisturizing Shampoo (Review)

Hollaaa! So before this April end, I would like to introduce one of local personal care product from Indonesia who's coming to town called Eternaleaf. Proudly Papua, utilize treasure from Papua named Pandanus Conoideus which is well known as Red Papua fruit, this fruit has the highest antioxidants. 

Source : Eternaleaf's website
Red Papua fruit also contain benefits such as Beta Carotene, Alpha Tocopherol, Selenium, and Omega 3, 6 and 9 which is good to avoid the phases of skin aging, skin diseases, hair loss and hair breakage. This time, I got to try their holiday treat package. It is already include 2 bottles of Body Bath, 1 Body Lotion and 1 Moisturizing Shampoo.

Eternaleaf Pure Papua Plant - Body Bath

Harvest by hand from the rich valleys of Papua, with extract of Red Papua fruit. This body bath come in transparent bottle and orange color with adorable scent who could make you feel energize all day after use it. The texture is balance in a good way, just a little drops on the shower puff and you could get the soft foams bath touch your skin. It keeps my skin glowing naturally.

Eternaleaf Pure Papua Plant - Body Lotion

Even though the bottle is white, the lotion is actually come in an orange color and honestly that is a new thing for me. The texture is kind of thick but blend really well with the skin after you apply it. It does moisturize longer and I think it is good for tropical country like in here. It could make your dull or dry skin turn to glowing smoothness.

Eternaleaf Pure Papua Plant - Moisturizing Shampoo

Want to have a shiny soft silky hair? I think this moisturizing shampoo is pretty recommended to try.  I do have little of hair breakage because you know Jakarta could be insanely hot at day time. And I find out this shampoo make it more healthier and not leave it dry. Come in darker orange color, when apply it to the hair, I notice this shampoo doesn't produce a lot of foam but I don't mind.

The Red Papua fruit scent from these products is definitely what I'm addicted to! It's just unique and refreshing! In case you would like to know about Eternaleaf, you could check it in here. Adios!

Sponsored by : Eternaleaf & Clozette Indonesia


  1. These look so good!

    xx, rebecca

  2. havent try it before. should i?

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