Sunday, April 2, 2017

Clear Sakura Fresh - New Product Launching

"I want to do with you, what spring does with the cherry trees - Pablo Neruda"
For those who have a dandruff problem, might be heard about Clear shampoo before. This hair care product who used Cristiano Ronaldo in one of their advertisment, quite well-known focusing in scalp and dandruff matters.

This April, they lauched a new product inovation that called Sakura Fresh.  Use their secret formula Nutrium 10, this shampoo also give some sakura extracts for the scent. I've tried mine and the scent could stay for a pretty long time, which is good. 

If you live in Indonesia, I bet you could find this new product from Clear easily now in stores nearby. Let me know your story after try it in the comment section below! x



  1. This sounds great! And I bet it smells amazing :)
    thanks for sharing your review! I also love the images with the blossoms, super pretty! :D


    1. Hi Violet, thank you!
      Yes, it smells so good I like it :) xx


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