Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Denim on Denim X Red Ruffle Blouse

Happy New Year's Eve 2017! So many up and down in 2016, hope this 2017 could be greater for all!
Wearing denim on denim to started a new year it is never goes wrong since denim is an everlasting wardrobe.You could choose different color, vibrant or cutting of denim to make it more alive.
Have a wish that 2017 will be full with excitement and adventure, I mixed it with a red ruffle blouse that I found from a thrift store. Red is to symbolize the on fire spirit I feel for this year. 
The satin texture of blouse and ruffle (throwback to Victorian trend) I think could keep the look classy. For the shoes, I only use my favorite boots and combined it with this black sunglasses I got from Pomelo to make the look edgy. 
Red Ruffle Blouse - Thrifted Shop,  Denim Jacket - Mom's, Ripped Denim Pants - Stradivarius, Perry Boots - H&M, Sling Bag - LesFemmes , 
Black Sunglasses - Pomelo
Photographed by : Yuki Gradiannisa
Well, denim is so flexible so just change the boots with heels and black sunglasses with a non-black sunglasses one in case you have a date and would your feminine-side out xxx.


  1. You definitely has taste of art and fashion ;)

  2. Love the blouse! And I love that you wear colours that relate to your life at that time. Such a unique creative idea :) xx


  3. I like your blog

  4. This red blouse is so beautiful, you wear the colour SO well!


  5. Love your blouse and red is your color!


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