Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tough Romance, Solo Exhibition by Natisa Jones

One of natural born artist from Indonesia, Natisa Jones is having a solo art exhibition at Ruci ArtSpace Jakarta started from 9th December – 22nd January 2017.
Thankfully I got an invitation to attend her opening art exhibition. “Tough Romance” refers to Natisa Jones’s multifaceted relationship between the conscious self, external influences, and the inner child. It is a philosophy in which Natisa play out her creative and personal process. Acknowledging the need for harmony through awareness, by staying true to her inner child while respecting her external world.

Natisa Jones, explained about her artwork
This exhibition split become the canvas works and the paper works. I personally like the theme of it since I always interested with contemporary art. I like to analyze the meaning of every pieces and sometime in some way it just feel related to my current situation. I have some favorite art creatures by Natisa Jones which took a lot of my attention and would like to share with you all.

Canvas Work

Paper Work

What You Know Part 1, What You Know Part 2

I have no idea why am I so interested with this one, but I feel like this painting speak about your interpretation (what you know) about something might be different with other’s interpretation about that thing.

Why’D You Wanna Grow Up So Fast 

Once I looked at this paper work, I feel attached to it since I realized that is what often come in mind  when I feel overwhelmed with all of the things that mature people do such work.

Keep That Feeling

This one probably the one that really touched me. It feels like sometime you just have to keep your feelings deep inside since you know if you let it out it will make the situation become worst or make your relationship with someone etc. become bad. Sometime you couldn’t force someone to understand your feelings, and you shouldn’t force yourself to understand their feelings either.

Coz We Care

My most favorite, I found this one is romantic, gentle and true. When people care about each other, they usually always wanted to be together. Talk about their daily, giggle on small things and do those kind of beautiful things. I remember one quote says “Nobody is busy 24/7, if he care he will make time for you”.

 Purple Blazer - Mom's,  Scarf - Mom's, Buckle Wedge Sandals - Something Borrowed, High Waist Jeans - H&M Bag - Les Femmes

Since it is still rainy season here, I wore scarf from my Mom and purple blazer to keep it warm. Matched it with high waist skinny jeans, I tried to play it safe by make the proportion right since the blazer size is kind of big. Also mixed it with Ankle Wrap Laced Block Heels to make it look more feminine.

By the way, I also changed my domain become .com right now and thinking to be more serious with my blog. Let me know what you think ya! Thank you ^^


  1. What a fascinating series of artwork - she's very talented! The canvas work you've featured early on in this post are totally up my street.


  2. Fantastic post, you look good :)



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