Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas & Holiday Beauty Essentials

Hello! I would like to say congratulation for those who celebrate Christmas and hope you could spend the day joyfully with people you love.
The fact Christmas this year is on Sunday, make government in here decided to add additional day off on 26th Dec aka Monday and I loveee it. It also means long holiday is started and probably you will have many appointments to hangout or you just want to have "me time" and keep your mind stay in the right path. Welcoming this Christmas and holiday, I currently use some products that I think pretty awesome and you should know.

MakeOver Perfect Cover Two Way Cake and Liquid Eyeliner

This is not a new product I know, and perhaps you try it already. However, this MakeOver Perfect Cover Two Way Cake and eyeliner works really well on my skin. I wear powder number 4 since my skin is not white and more like light brown. I also like this black eyeliner because it is good for day to day activity, quite long last and easy to be cleaned after.

Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk 

Skin Aqua have several type of moisture milk with spf you could choose and apply depends on your activity. I usually use spf 30+ when I go to work since I will not be outside of building long time and meet the sun rays. I don’t really like to bring big bags or many bags so to keep it simple I choose this travel kit sizes. This handy size is pretty good for me and the texture of this skin aqua moisture milk is nice. It is not too sticky and absorbed easily into your skin.

Gula Co Grow, Lipscrub and Lipbalm

Gula Co is a local brand based in Indonesia that become my favorite currently. All of the products is natural and I have 3 items I like the most. Grow claims could make your brows or eyelashes become thicker and stronger also healthier. Since I born with not much hair I also have no thick eyebrows or eyelashes. After use it for like a month I feel my eyelashes become thicker but I don't see much different yet for my eyebrows. For the lips product, you could make your own lip scrub by mixing sugar and honey but if you are too lazy you could try this one. Their lipscrub and lipbalm really make my lips softer and feel moisturized.

Rollover Reaction

Another local brand that become my favorite. I would say Rollover Reaction lip and cheek cream is freaking awesome like I really love the texture and smells like chocolate for me. They also stay long time so you don’t have to worry and apply it many times. My favorite is Saddie and Sally. Anyway, they also just launched some new lip cream and cheek colors inspired by 90’s spirit called The Clique and I should try soon.

Bath & Body Works Aromatheraphy

For those who choose some "me time" this holiday, I recommend this aromatherapy by Bath & Body Works. I got it as a gift from my senior co-worker from Japan and unfortunately I cannot find this similar product recently. This aromatheraphy makes me feel so relaxe after use it and this could make my mind become calm and think more forward. I think it is perfect to use while meditate or write some New Year's Resolutions alone in your room. 

Okay, those are some beauty essentials I currently use for this Christmas and Holiday Season. Let me know what products you guys love to use on the comment section below. Thank you for reading and see you at the next post. Adios! xxx


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  2. Rin, akhirnya ngeblog jugaaaaaaa ttg kosmetik!!! 😄 ajarin dong buat blogg yg kaya ini. Mau buat mesti ketemu duluuuu, aku sukaa sama blognya bagusss, reviewnya juga bagussss... 😍😘

    1. Hihihi iya nih akhirnya ya :D makasih Tiaaa ♥
      Iya nanti WA aja, kita main di deket daerah rumah mu aja hehe

  3. Love this post! That lips scrub sounds amazing!!

    Bella x

  4. Some great holiday essentials here and the lip scrub sounds appealing, lips get so dry in the Winter months and it's important to look after them.

    Wishing you a very Happy 2017!

    Laura xo


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