Monday, November 14, 2016

Casual Work Attire Alert, Why Not?

Move from fashion magazine company to management business consulting company was kind of hard for me in the beginning. Dress up freely used to be usual there and might be unusual in here. 
People mostly wear suit and tie and other formal clothes since they have to look trustworthy and professional in client’s eyes. Trapped in that situation I’m trying to wear things which is flexible enough, so I could still feel comfortable with the way I am without break company dress policy. Well, break a little is okay..

Satin Blouse - Thrifted Shop,  Denim Skirt - Mom's, Buckle Wedge Sandals - Zalora
Photographed by : Ira Nursyadha

Combine a satin long sleeve blouse with denim skirt, simply camouflage your look from casual and easy going to elegant and serious look. Complete it with high heels if you would make your professional aura more stand out. Here I only wear buckle wedge sandals since I’m more comfortable with it.

Let me know if you have other ideas about casual work attire ya! xoxo



  1. This is great for work. I love the skirt. Gemma x

  2. I can appreciate why the change of work environment is causing a few wardrobe dilemmas! Though this outfit looks amazing on you and is a great way of finding a compromise :) I love the gorgeous colour of the shirt!


  3. I would totally wear this look head to toe if I still had a office job :)


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