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Bio-Essence, Does It Really Works?

Hey, folks! Recently, after become a part of Clozette ID (Indonesian blogger community, Blogger Babes Asia version) I got some invitation to attend beauty events. Even though my blog is focusing on fashion, I started thinking to write what happened in life since I blogging including this one below. I hope you don’t mind ya!

Okay, back to topic. I attended an event called Bio-Essence Mega Face Lift V Face Challenge.This event be held last Saturday in one of mall in Jakarta called Central Park. At that moment, all of bloggers that invited is getting an opportunity to tried all of Bio – Essence products which is amazing.

Bio-Essence is a skincare product from Singapore that claims could make your face become V Shape by make your cheeks shrunken, where you could see that 10 minutes after wear it. Use a technology called Bio-Energy and rare natural beauty good resources like Royal Jelly, Bird’s Nest, etc this product become such a leader in Singapore. 

I mean, well that is pretty tempting for girls right?

In that event, they explained there is some steps about how to use the products to get that V Shape. I listened it quite carefully while one of their therapist help  to applied the products to my face, so this time I would like to share with you all.

Deep Exfoliating Gel Royal Jelly + ATP

Seriously, this one is my favourite! This product contains Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid, and fruits extract plus Royal Jelly + ATP to exfoliate dead skin cells. I’m in love with this one because it doesn’t contain scrub particles so you could use it like everyday. Even though no contain scrub particles it does still make your face clean from dead skin cells and so soft.

Nourishing Deep Cleanser Royal Jelly + ATP

This product contains Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid, Royal Jelly, ATP and Tanaka Tree Bark Extract also Cucumber Extract.This one works well for dry and normal skin. What I feel after applied this one is, it does make my skin become smoother and luckily no leave the dry skin effect after rinsed it with water. 

Deep Nourishing Toner Royal Jelly + ATP

It contains Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid, Royal Jelly, ATP. Hyaluronic Acid & Tanaka Tree Bark Extract with Angelica & Wolfberry Extract. I remember the therapist applied this toner in circular motion and stretched our face upwards. She said it is to tighten our skin. To be honest, I did feel kind of tight in the face after wear it.

Radiant Youth Essence

Radiant Youth Essence contain extract Green Tea with 95% amount, Royal Jelly + ATP, herbal nutritions like ginseng and Wolfberry Extract. This one could be use twice / day by applied it in circular motion. You will get like oily effect after wear it but it all will be back to normal after it absorbed perfectly. Just one drop, no need too much. It already could make you face brighten and feel younger.

Face Lifting Cream Royal Jelly + ATP

This cream is so famous in Singapore. Before the therapist applied it to our face, she was like measure the length of my face from the ear until the middle of nose. Mine was like 12 cm. After that she applied the cream and massaged it upwards for around 5 minutes. There is a cool sensation I got after she applied this one.

Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water

Done massaged my face with the cream, this Miracle Bio Water sprays all over my face. It felt so fresh and she asked me to wait like 10 minutes. 10 minutes passed she measured our faces again and mine became 11 cm which is reduced 1 cm!

To be honest, I was surprised but well this product works well for me. The result might be different for others. It might be just 0.5 cm reduced or perhaps 1.5 cm reduced. So if you would like to know, you could just give it a try :) 

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  1. Hi beauty, I love that look is very chic. Love the shirt.


  2. Great post dear!


  3. These products sound very interesting (nice packaging!) and I love your outfit for the event. The choker and striped shirt combo is perfect!


  4. Great post, I like it :)


  5. Beautiful photos!:)


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