Friday, October 28, 2016

De Tuileries Mode X Tinkerlust

Holla, it's almost the end of October! 
Hard to believe there is only two more months to go to 2017. Time flies so fast and I still have many target to achieve. Talking about target, one of my resolutions in this year is to minimize the quota of my wardrobe which is currently so full with clothes and stuff.
I was planned to sell some of my clothes and glad to know I was invited to attend the Fashion 101 Event from Clozette ID with Tinkerlust. 

Tinkerust itself is a Indonesia marketplace for those who would like to sell their pre-loved items. Remember Kate Moss and Zooey Deschanel, one of model and actress who pretty well-known love to buy pre-loved items in Hollywood. Personally, I also always attracted to pre-loved items. Such a happy feeling could find unique, vintage items in good deals. 

Okay back to Tinkerlust, if you take a look many great brand such as Gucci until Picnic (local brand) with good prices is available for you. Ah or do you interest to be the vendor? Just drop your pre-loved items to Tinkerlust, and trust them to be the one who take care of it. They will check the quality, take photos of the items and publish it in their website also do the packaging thing. This marketplace is perfect for people who like simply way to sell their stuff.

Anyway, here is the sneak peek item of mine that you could find in here.

Could be seen on this post.


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