Monday, August 8, 2016

Scrolling Around NuArt, Bandung

Last weekend, I decided to leave the crazy feeling of Jakarta and went to Bandung. You could say Bandung is such a world of fashion in Indonesia.
There are many fashion trends in Indonesia born from there. It is almost always look normal in Bandung to wear anything you want, which is I personally think that cool even though the trafficjam kind of bad there, not too different with Jakarta.

Okay enough said about this.. My biggest reason to visit Bandung was, I would like to see an awesome new ArtSpace they have there called NuArt. NuArt is a place of a cool exhibition by wonderful sculptor named Nyoman Nuarta. The place was huge and I feel like I have no enough time to admire all of his creation one by one. I really wish I could be there all day! 

I tried to copy some of the sculpture pose and I don’t know why I was so happy!!! 

Soft Pink Sabrina Top - Mint&Salt.co , Black Choker - Mint&Salt.co , Fedora Hat - NEXT (Yuki's), Perry Boots : H&M
Photographed by : Ira Nursyadhaa

Felt so excited about visit NuArt, I chose to wear something simple and bright. Soft pink Sabrina top combined with milo midi jeans skirt was my choice.


Since there are some sculpture to see outside and supposed to walk a lot and it was hot, I wore my black boots with big fedora hat that I borrowed from my cousin haha.

Soft Pink Sabrina Top - Mint&Salt.co , Black Choker - Mint&Salt.co
Photographed by : Ira Nursyadhaa
Sling Bag - LesFemmes , Midi Denim Skirt - Mom's
Photographed by : Ira Nursyadhaa
Small sling bag in nude color accompanied my day in NuArt with black choker I could style whatever I wanted to.

Overall, it was a joy and I would like to visit NuArt again now:P Hope your weekend was a blast too!


  1. Beautiful photos and you look great.

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  2. Yes dear, is new :3

    In love with your outfit. You look amazing :D

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  3. What a cool place and such lovely photos! That top is really pretty on you!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. this is such a cool place. love the architecture

  5. Amazing Place with amazing photos... :)


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