Saturday, March 5, 2016

The White Fog

Photographed by : Renzi Yurfiandi

Hello, happy weekend everyone!

Anyway, I went to a place named Puncak. This area is in Bogor, outside Jakarta city. Be in mountains and highland part, you could breathe nice fresh air in here all day.
People that lives in Jakarta including me, often go there in our spare time to release stress from work and hectic lifestyle in the city. Me and friends decided to enjoy this kind of situation longer and booked a hotel to stay.

The hotel name is Pesona Alam Resort & Spa, we booked a room that have view directly to the mountain and little garden. It was so beautiful place, in the morning you could see fog and hear the birds singing. 

Photographed by : Ira Nursyadha

Rain often happens in Puncak, which it makes the situation feel cooler. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring some warm clothes. I only bring one warm blazer, a skirt, a top and a pair of stocking..

White Top - H&M, White Stripes Skirt – Forever21, Black Stocking – Unbranded, 
White Sandal - ATKEY
Photographed by : Renzi Yurfiandi & Bayu Handanu

But overall, it was a really good short get away. I read a motivational book in peace, drank a cup of warm black tea and rode a horse also! 

Now I feel like so ready to work again on Monday ^^
Well, what are you going to do to enjoy this weekend? :) 

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  1. Wow this place looks so calm and relaxing. I would love to have a chance to sit outside and enjoy that view!

    Heba xx || The Heba

    1. Hey Heba!
      Yes, it is actually really look so calm and relaxing.
      Haha come to Indonesia then :) x

  2. och, wow! Amazing photos <3

  3. Speechless! This place looks literally like paradise! I love how you tell a story through these amazing photos, it actually made me imagine the place for real in my head :)

    1. Hello Marina, glad I could made you imagine the place clearly in your head through these photos and words :)
      Hope your weekend was great ♥

  4. uwoooowwwww, mau dong buat blog ajarin kaka arin 😊

    1. Haha Tyaaa, aku juga baru hehe.
      Yuk yuk meet up 😊

    2. yuk yuk, sambil ngopi yukk. mupung aku lagi cuti 😘

  5. Beautiful photos.

    NEW POST IN MY FASHION BLOG!!: http://www.diamondconestilopropio.com/2016/03/paris-fashion-week-autumnwinter-2016.html

  6. this place looks so nice... :)


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